About what is an accident

About what is an accident

This word is heard quite often,and in the most unexpected life situations. But what about an accident in the strict sense of the word, there is often no time to think about it. It is enough that the charge of negative emotions, which are embedded in it. However, many terms have, in addition to everyday life, a legal dimension as well.

What is meant by this in technical practice

In the broadest sense, an accident meansany failure in the operation of the technical system. But a clearer answer to the question of what an accident is is the uncontrolled destruction of this system or structure, especially when an incident occurs accompanied by an explosion or release of hazardous substances into the environment. The probability of an accident increases as the technical system becomes more complex, and the devastating consequences directly depend on the level of energy that ensures the functioning of the system.what is an accident

What can be countered by this?

The probability of an accident, unfortunately, never can bedelete completely. But to reduce it to a minimum is not only possible, but also necessary. Also, measures should be taken to reduce the severity of the consequences of a possible accident. In order not to have to think about what an accident is, looking at the ruins that formed after it, the functioning of any technical system must be under constant control. The technological process and the operation of the mechanisms must be stopped in time to carry out the necessary routine and preventive works, even if this is unprofitable and involves costs. It is possible to fight this only at the legislative and administrative levels. With the right laws and their strict observance, it is very unprofitable to violate safety rules.accident and disaster

Accidents and disasters, the semantic nuances

In daily life it is not accepted to think aboutsemantic differences in these terms. Meanwhile, the accident becomes a disaster in those cases when severe consequences occur, related to injuries or death of people who, at the time of the incident, accidentally or necessarily, found themselves in a dangerous zone. Of course, catastrophes can also be caused by natural forces - earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but we consider only their technogenic variety. And one of the most interesting and controversial points in the answer to the question about what an accident is is the role of the so-called human factor. It is customary to think about this every time when we have to analyze the results of what happened: whose fault is more - the technique or the person who manages it?aircraft crashes

In Heaven and Earth

Particular attention to public opinionalways cause aircraft crashes. This is due to the simple fact that they rarely do without severe consequences for those who were in the air and for those who remained on the ground. Some things are not easy to understand, as, for example, the simple fact that aviation remains the safest mode of transport from all existing. This is evidenced by impartial statistics. Road transport is not comparable in terms of accident and catastrophism with aviation. In this case, no one is afraid to use the car every day, and many people suffer from aerophobia. Nevertheless, the best minds of mankind are working steadily to ensure that aircraft fall as little as possible. However, they have to struggle not only with technology, but also with human greed, striving to squeeze the maximum out of the already exhausted resource of winged vehicles. And also aviation accidents and catastrophes provide the work of many lawyers. And, accordingly, due to stable insurance deductions, different insurance structures feel quite well.

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