AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews

AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews

An excellent CPU for entry-level mobile computers is the AMD A6-6310.It is the capabilities of this chip that will be detailed in the framework of the small material offered to your attention.

amd a6 6310

What are the tasks for this CPU?

The manufacturer himself refers this CPU to the segmententry-level solutions for various kinds of mobile devices. These are laptops, netbooks, and tablets. But here are some manufacturers (for example, Lenovo) went further and use this chip in stationary monoblocks or mini-PCs. With the software position, this processor allows to run office applications, undemanding toys, browsers and file viewers without problems. You can also run on this chip obsolete toys - "Heroes of Might and Magic III" or "Worms", which will go on without any problems. But on such demanding programs as "Photoshop" or "Stalker", this semiconductor crystal is not calculated, and they will certainly not be launched on it. In general, any undemanding software on such a CPU will start without problems. But something more can not be achieved from it.

Socket for this particular chip model

The central processor AMD A6-6310 is designedFor installation in the FT3 BGA processor connector. In the same socket, the processor solutions of the Kabini family could be installed, replaced by Beema. It is to the latter that A6-6310 applies. In most cases, the processors installed in the FT3 BGA socket are simply soldered into the system board. As a result, in the future, any modernization of the computer system with the replacement of the CPU is impossible.

amd a6 6310 specs

Technological process

Chip A6-6310 is manufactured obsolete onthe current time of the technological process is 28 nm. Therefore, boast of high energy efficiency and small dimensions of a semiconductor crystal, it definitely will not work. But, on the other hand, the spent technological process allows to produce chips with the least losses. As a result, the cost of the processor solution is reduced, and the end products based on it can boast a very modest price tag.


The AMD A6-6310 processor canboasting the presence of a two-level cache. The total size of the first level of fast volatile memory is 256 KB. And the second level of the cache has a capacity of 2 MB.

processor amd a6 6310

RAM and its type

Processor AMD A6-6310equipped with a single-channel memory controller. As a result, there is no significant gain from using a semiconductor crystal with one RAM module instead of one RAM module. The CPU itself is focused on the use of DDR3 modules. The recommended RAM frequency should be 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz. Modules with other frequencies, most likely, will not be detected in such a computer system, and it is impossible to solve this problem by updating BIOS.

Thermal package

The thermal packet is 15W in AMDA6-6310. Reviews, on the one hand, indicate a significant loss in this parameter to some solutions of Intel. For example, the Pentium N3540 chip boasts a thermal performance of 7.5 watts. But, on the other hand, the cost of this CPU is much higher, the technological process is more modern, and the graphic component is several times weaker. Therefore, it is more fair to compare these chips in a complex. And here not all so and unequivocally.

amd a6 6310 reviews

Operating frequencies

Very modest, as of today, the clock speed in AMD A6-6310. Characteristicsin this regard, he has such:

  • The minimum frequency is 1.8 GHz.

  • The maximum frequency is 2.4 GHz.

Depending on the degree of complexity of the solutionThe task of the chip changes its clock frequency. When solving a simple problem, it is 1.8 GHz. But if you run a resource-intensive application, then it rises to 2.4 GHz. If the temperature rises when the demanding software starts up, the frequency drops to 1.8 Hz until the chip cools down.

Architectural features

This processor includes four computationalblock based on the Puma + architecture, which correspond to four computational flows at the software level. The very architecture of Puma + was based on the architecture of Jaguar, which is used in the latest generation of game consoles. The only difference is that the latter have 8 compute units, and here - 4.

amd a6 6310 or intel core i3

Integrated graphics accelerator

Like most modern mobile chips,The hero of this review is equipped with an integrated graphics accelerator. More specifically, Radeon R4 is used in AMD A6-6310. Its characteristics indicate that it is one of the most productive graphics adapters in this niche. The frequency is 800 MHz. The number of graphics cores is 128. And according to this parameter A6-6310 does not lose anything to the leading chip of this socket - A6-6410.

Increase in productivity

The multiplier of this processor is blocked. And there are no opportunities to increase the frequency of the system bus in such computer systems. It is simply locked in the BIOS. Add to this a very modest regular cooling system. As a result, the owner of such a PC can count on the performance that he has initially. Something more of it "squeeze" will not work.


Of course, branded PCs based on this chip arerelatively expensive: about 300 dollars. But in this case, you have to overpay for the brand and the quality of the mobile computer. But if you pay attention to the solutions of less eminent companies (for example, "Lenovo" or "Acer") then you can find more affordable solutions. At the same time, quality and functionality will be at an acceptable level. We can say that there is no tangible difference between them.

User feedback and comparison with direct competitors

If there is a choice between AMD A6-6310 or Intel Corei3, then it will be obvious. The latter processor, though it is equipped with only two computational units, but can work at the program level directly into 4 computational flows. Let's add to this a more perfect processor architecture, which allows one module to process 4 instructions against two for the A6-6310, and higher frequencies for one clock cycle. But this laptop is much more expensive. Therefore, it is more correct to compare it with the Pentium J2900. They have a comparable level of performance. If more importantly a more productive processor part, then it's better to choose a solution from Intel. Well, if you need high-quality graphics, then the processor AMD A6-6310 is more preferable. Reviewsowners indicate a high enoughthe level of productivity of the "Radeon". Another important nuance is the maximum amount of RAM supported by the chip. The Intel solution can address only 4 GB, and AMD 16 GB.

processor amd a6 6310 reviews

Let's sum up the results

A good processor for mobile solutionsthe initial one is AMD A6-6310. If it were not for the overestimated cost of laptops and netbooks from well-known manufacturers, it would be possible to say that "AMD" put on the market another hit of sales. And so the latter has more to work on for the distribution of this hardware platform.

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  • AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews AMD A6-6310: specs, reviews