Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there!

Apt quotes about the signs of the zodiac have always existed, as there are common features of the characters that were observed for one person or another born under one constellation.

Look, maybe you will see your innermost secrets there?


Aries are not selfish - they just know how to live for themselves. Not arrogant - just do not consider it necessary to smile at everyone. Not daring - just do not climb over the word in your pocket. Not jealous - just used to being single.

It is said that the most stubborn people are Taurus, Capricorns and Scorpios. Oh, did you ever try to argue Aries?

Aries woman is a book written for a man. If you do not understand, then it is not written for you!

Aries should be hugged when he is not smiling, kissing when he is dull, and fed when he is hysterical.

It's amazing how Aries are still not extinct with their unlimited trust in people and excessive honesty.

Many people all week long are waiting for Friday, the whole month of the holiday, the whole year of the summer, and the whole life of happiness. And Aries believe that you need to enjoy every day and enjoy every moment.

Aries’s trust is like a nerve cell: it’s almost not restored.

Before telling Aries that he is bad, think about what made him not be good to you ...

Never deceive Aries, always tell him the truth, no matter how bitter it is. Aries rarely forgive a lie ...

Aries have never been perfect, from the exterior to the character. But they were always themselves.


Paradise for Taurus - this is any place on Earth where there are no alarms, Mondays and chiefs.

Men believe that women need cool guys with money ... But 90% of Taurus would choose a bear from a cartoon about Masha.

In Taurus women, one can wonderfully combine the one without which it is impossible to live, and the one with which it is impossible to live ...

Well, Taurus can not shove his tongue in x * ny !!! There is already an awl, a diploma of higher education, and dreams of a chocolate-curly future, and a prince with a horse !!! Busy, in short ...

If Taurus wants chocolate, then they go and eat chocolate. Because if they eat fruits, vegetables, lettuce, fish, etc., instead, then they all the same will EAT CHOCOLATE)))

Even if in life w * Pony Taurus will find for her beautiful lace panties.

With Taurus is not difficult. Hugged, said beautiful, smart. If nothing climbs, ask “do you want to eat?"And that's all. You are the perfect guy.

Happiness for Taurus - is to travel a lot, eat tasty and sleep with your loved one ...

Yes, Taurus terrible owners. If something belongs to them, it means only them and no one else. No matter the person or the thing. But the fact that Taurus is considered "their", they love more than anything else

Taurus is so faithful that even when crossing the road, they do not look to the left ...)))


Twins are very fond of anyone who treats them well. Even if the Twins do not often talk to you, do not think that they do not appreciate you.

The twins are not sweet to be anything to their taste. They are a nutlet, which is not all in the teeth!

The motto of Gemini: if you can not, but really want, then you need to!

Do you know what the Twins want? They want the old, warm, breath-taking wind of change to blow, and bleed n ** ren out of their lives all that is superfluous.

If the Twins decide to make someone happy, then nothing will save the person!

You will never be able to find out what is in Gemini’s heart if they don’t want it.But if they trusted you, you should know that you are one of their closest friends!

Gemini can be surprised only with love ... Real, sincere, without deception and betrayal ... And the rest of the Twins have already seen ...

Twins do not like to impose. When they feel that a person treats them not like before, they begin to drift away.

Twin women love confident men. Brave, endowed with brains, not chewing cotton. Men who decide, take responsibility, quickly think, do not doubt, create, do not destroy, think and lead you.

Twin women cannot be reformed. They can only, like waves, break on a rock called"a real man"and calm down.


Raki has no time to hate those who hate them, because they are too busy loving those who love them.

Cancers do not take to heart the criticism that came from the mouth of a man who himself has not achieved anything in this life.

If you are asked what you want more - Cancer or a million euros, answer: Cancer ... Because you will not be given money anyway, but with Cancer it's cozy ...

Sometimes a 90-year-old grandmother settles in Rakov. She mumbles and hates everyone.

Rakas have a great memory, so when Rakies say"I do not remember"- they just don't want to talk about it.

Best of all Cancers know how to live in a family. They put their whole soul into it ... And in general, it seems that the family came up with Raki!

When Cancers are happy, they can't stop talking. But when they are sad, not a word will be pulled out of them.

The family lasts as long as it is Rucky. That's how much time they can endure, stretch out, endure, - so much time and the family will exist. Marriage breaks when their patience breaks.

One of the main problems of Rakovs is that they are very attached to people ...

When the patience of Cancers comes the limit, then the utter chaos begins.

a lion

Hugs - this is probably one of the most passionate forms of love for Lviv, because you feel safe and close to a person. It feels like all the sadness is gone, and this is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Many women are concerned about the issue:“How to keep a man?”But women Lions know that if you want to be really happy - you should not live with a man who needs to be kept.

It's amazing how little time it takes Lions to go from stage“How am I worried and worried”before“Oh, yes, go all through the forest.”

For someone, Lions are SUN; for someone, Sunny SHOCK! And someone does not shine at all ...

A lion is never alone ... People always come to him: either inspiration, appetite, laziness, or pipets!

The strong character of Lviv, as a rule, is built from bricks that were thrown at it.

The lions would like God to give them a guardian angel, not with wings, but with a club. To the right moment - hryas! - And Lev immediately understood his mistake and managed to do differently ...

Before you play with Leo, make sure that Leo is not playing with you ...

Lions hate flattery, lies and gossip behind their backs. Do not like something? Say this to Leo's eyes. What was said behind his back will remain there, along with the one who said it.

Lions do not want life to be like a zebra, they want it to be bright like a parrot.


Virgo is not a ratio of weight and height, it is a ratio of intelligence, taste and self-confidence.

Virgos quickly get tired of being strong women, get tired"understand""Go into position""forgive".

Virgos sometimes just hate themselves for being taken to heart.

When Virgo asks something, it is better to answer the truth, since it is very likely that she already knows the answer.

The wisdom of the Dev in conjunction with cunning gives such an effect, which can not give any higher education.

Appreciate the Dev who give you a second chance. This means that their love is so strong that the heart has enough strength to give you a new attempt.

Virgo never really worries that there are many difficulties in her fate. She uses them, like everything else in her life, to move forward.

The best ending to the argument with the Virgin is to pretend to be dead.

Savvy and meticulous Virgos can seriously influence those who are invested with the right to make responsible decisions. And with success it is used.

In order to preserve relationships, Virgos need to use their innate stubbornness in love in limited quantities.


All Libra have two lives: one is seen by all those around them, the other they live alone.

Weights would love to at least sometimes press the button"NOT TO THINK"and just enjoy life ... What Libra is saying, and what they feel are often different things.

Scales should learn not to hide from their problems, but choose some solution and immediately do what is decided.

Scales need sincere and beautiful feelings ... After all, Scales are still romantics: it is important for them that everything be beautiful ...

Scales are amazing people: they can find something good in any person ...

Weights need, like no one else, absolute confidence that they are loved. Confidence, not just backed up by deed.

There is no sadder story in the world than the story about Libra-owls, who by the will of fate have to live like larks.

Scales very rarely try, as they say, to remove masks from people - they are well aware that often they are not masks, but muzzles ...

Weights should periodically try to look at their relationships with people from the point of view of these people: present yourself for a second, and think about them, think whether you like everything, everything happens correctly and as you would like, and only then act according to your decisions.


Scorpios are those people who urgently need to find a balance between calm and a high degree of energy.

Approximately 98% of the Scorpion problems would be solved if they calmed down and stopped thinking too deeply about these problems.

The strength of his character Scorpions owe to those who, instead of giving them a hand when they started to fall, also put a bandwagon.

In each Scorpio live two people: one calm and silent, and the second appears when they insult the first ... And this meeting is for the offenders of the very unpleasant.

Scorpios can pretend not to spit in the soul, but this does not mean that they forgot about him: the scorpions' vindictiveness is indestructible ...

Scorpio likes easy-to-communicate people, unsophisticated, sincere and not concealing feelings.

Scorpios should not build fantastic theories that explain people's incomprehensible behavior - it is better to learn to ask direct questions.

Scorpios rarely show aggression at once, - they warn, hint, give signs ... And you should not wait until they run out of patience.

It seems that Scorpios love difficult life situations, because in their nature they are trying to save someone, get out of a difficult situation and in general turn their lives from gray to bright and colorful, filled with emotions and movement.

It is about Scorpios that we can say that they are still"black Cats": if the road will be crossed - no“Pah-pah”will not help.


99% of Sagittarius were born in order to somehow become the main purpose of their existence.

Sometimes the friendship just ends. Without betrayal, without quarrels and without reasons - you just become different and everyone goes their own way. Over the years, the circle of friends is becoming narrower. But those who remain are no longer just friends for Sagittarius, but native people.

When meeting Sagittarius, it is desirable - and necessarily, if Sagittarius becomes your loved one - to find out that it is in this Sagittarius that justice is in fact. And never hurt this justice, - more to yourself, believe me. Sagittarius love hands. They need to touch you, stroke, feel, poke your finger in the side or tickle. Does not touch - does not love.

If Sagittarius with friends-girlfriends (also Sagittarius or Aries, or Scorpios) get together and drink, then they can be sent to the war as a psychological weapon, so that the enemy loses orientation in time and space - and fighting efficiency :))

Sagittarius women have learned many things useful for modern life from men: knocking a wedge with a wedge, avoiding an answer, not calling back, choosing the best and having fun - but they are often blamed for it by all the same men ...

Sagittarius is not so weak to tolerate insults, not so strong to forgive them, but not so evil to take revenge. Therefore, most often they simply turn their backs on the offender. Forever and ever.

Very often, in Sagittarius, the circumstances are such that one can hope for anything, but really only count on himself.

Sagittarius loves cozy people, without “thorns” and deep pools in character. He likes it when it is possible to talk with a person about anything without arguing and finding out who is more right - when such heart-to-heart talk and lively, sincere warmth in relationships is most important for both. Such people become a part of the life of Sagittarius and he worries about them as he does for himself.

Archers are not afraid to admit anything. They fear that their confessions will be misunderstood, because most often it happens.


Capricorns know that everything has its time. There are events whose course no one can change; there is a fate, thanks to which they will sooner or later find their place in life.

True Capricorns will never smile to people who are unpleasant to them. But they will behave politely towards everyone - their upbringing will not allow them to reach rudeness.

By the way - insulting Capricorn from a stranger or a person who is not important to him will not work: Capricorns cannot seriously be touched by people whom they do not value.

Most Capricorns believe that there is age discrimination: the older Capricorn, the more he is a child (“So what if I am not 9 years old - I also want to jump on the trampoline!”)

Capricorns love strange people.

This anecdote about Capricorns:“They don’t like being touched just like that: either there is something between you, or you are a cat, or“ don’t touch me, please ”

If you want to like Capricorn, then be sincere, do not humor every now and then and do not flirt with the words: simple, clear and reasonably said comes to Capricorn most quickly and he likes most.

Do you know why Capricorns are sometimes called strange and cannabis? Because they strive to live as they want, and not in the way many people are accustomed to.

If among your close people there is Capricorn, then you will not be afraid of any enemies and problems.

Capricorn is not afraid of neither time, nor distance, nor difficulties ... After all, they help Capricorn to realize their power, become themselves and respect themselves as individuals.


Sometimes people think that they have some special power over Aquarius. This is not true.

Most people are offended by the Aquarius for the fact that they can not and do not want to meet their personal expectations.

If Aquarius behaves like a child, then he is happy.

True Aquarius is peculiar to some kind of ... alien intelligence.

Aquarius is not surprised by someone's weirdness ... They cannot always explain their own.

The reality of women-Aquarius is such that it is not so much the presence of a man nearby, as the absence of an idiot who pulls out all the life forces from you.

Aquarius, when all their plans fall apart are smiling, they look great and know that if it didn’t work out the way they needed it now, it will be even better later!

For Aquarius very often aftertaste decides everything. In all. It all depends on what you feel after.

After intercourse, after a kiss, after a quarrel, after coffee, after a glance. This “after” is largely decisive.

If you meet an Aquarius who is absolutely devoid of energy and strength, who has no desires and who has stopped dreaming - this is not because he is a dull weakling. And because this Aquarius was very strong for too long ...

When Aquarius wants to get away from reality, they go into themselves ...


Pisces has an excellent memory and they never forget a good attitude towards themselves. The bad can be forgiven and thrown out. And the good will warm the soul through the years. Fish will never forget the one who was with them in difficult moments.

It’s good that no one can read Pisces’s thoughts, and the image of shy and shy people would fly to hell.

In the still waters, devils are found - it's about Pisces.

Fish are not afraid to feel, they are afraid to drown in feelings.

If it is necessary to choose, then most likely instead of secular and beautifully speaking Pisces will choose economic and silently doing.

For Pisces, one person can truly become the whole world.

I'd like to sit down and just talk to someone like souls. Speak all night long. Looking together at the night sky, discussing something, dreaming together, remembering beautiful and funny moments from the past, meaningfully silent ... Pisces often terribly lack this kind of pastime.

It is a woman-Fish who can seriously ask the question: why do I need this man in the house, if I solve all my problems myself? ..

"Suddenly"- this is the second name of Pisces! Suddenly they became sad, suddenly laughed, suddenly offended ... - and again everything was as usual ...

Pisces is probably the most unobtrusive sign of the zodiac, but if they really need something, they will definitely achieve it.

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  • Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there

    Apt quotes about each sign of the zodiac. And you are there