Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story

Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story

Russian literature is famous for the depth of its work. One of these "Fathers and Sons" by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev. The main theme is the birth and cultivation of new progressive ideas, the vector of which is the ignoring of art in favor of exact sciences. In the circle of nihilists there is no place for feelings and old truths. But no matter how much the author has invested in the novel, for the readers in the first place is the love story of Bazarov and Odintsova.

"Fathers and Sons" by Turgenev

Bazaars and Odntsov Relationship

The novel was written in the 60s of the XIX century and immediatelyconquered the world with his youth ideas. Then, as now, Bazarov is an example of a new, modern man. But, as the author has shown, it is not necessary to strive for such an example. Nevertheless, the main character captivated the hearts of many readers. He always had something to say, his lines are clear, and the dialogues with him are intriguing. What is important is that in the novel Ivan Sergeevich showed how easily life can be destroyed because of an incorrect interpretation.

No wonder the work is called "Fathers and children." The protagonist disdains not only the older in age, but also his parents. In his thoughts, he respects many adults, but he really does. "Fathers and children" Turgenev showed how different ideals of different generations and how the youth is degrading every year.

Summary of a large work:

acquaintance with the hero

Events begin on May 20, 1859On the arrival of Arkady home with his friend Yevgeny Bazarov. The latter is a sharp, self-centered and quiet person. People, weak-willed, he, like a magnet, pulls into his network, but in addition to his will. Those who are ready to argue automatically become enemies to him. Bazarov in the soul despises love, poetry and his people. He is a nihilist who professes faith in liberal and conservative ideas.

Birth of feelings

Bazarov and Odintsov ratio

But the meeting between Bazarov and Odintsov sets newpriorities. Young, beautiful and rich widow Anna immediately captures Eugene. Feelings, it seems to him, are mutual, but the woman decides to remain calm and not develop love. The hero, captivated by his rules, decides also to remain true to the principles. He runs away from the love of his parents. But high feelings have overcome life stereotypes. Bazarov's love for Odintsova compels him to return to the house of Arkady.

From sadness, the hero seduces another woman, for whichhe is summoned to a duel. With the passage of circumstances, everyone is happy, except for Eugene. Anna does not respond to feelings, and readers lose hope that there will be a pair of Bazarov and Odintsov. Mutual relations do not improve, so the hero finally bids farewell to his beloved and friend, burns bridges and returns home.

The end of the story that never began

At home Bazarov is drowning in work for several days. But sadness and feeling catch up with him and gradually become the essence of life. Because of inattention, he becomes infected from the deceased by typhus and realizes his close death, therefore decides to ask his beloved to come and say goodbye to him.

love story bazarova and odtsovoy

In the dying conversation, the hero admits thatThe attitude of Bazarov and Odintsovai did not develop to a greater extent because of his character. He realizes that his life credo interfered with building relationships, but regret in this regard, the young man expresses little. Leaving this world, the protagonist is not satisfied with what he spent his life on. But give him the fate of another chance to re-write his story in a new way, he, apparently, would not change a single glance. Relations between Bazarov and Odintsova were doomed from the very beginning. After this sad event, several weddings are played in the novel. But the feelings are like staged. Anna Sergeyevna is getting married again.

As a result, Bazarov's grave is visited only by old and suffering parents, whom he did not respect in his lifetime.

Eugene Bazarov: the role that he carried through his whole life

One of the main heroes of Turgenev's novel "Fathers andchildren "- Eugene Bazarov. Reading the work, there is a double impression of the character. And the dual perception of this person pursues right after acquaintance. On the one hand, we see his cold, dry nature, on the other, intuition constantly suggests that the figure is not completely revealed. The aftertaste of the fact that somewhere in the depths of his soul Bazarov will surprise us with his chivalrous deeds, remains. But the ambiguous evaluation keeps us in suspense until the end of the book. Later some explanations give love to Bazarov and Odintsov.

love is bazaar and odintsov

The appearance of the hero completely corresponds to hisface. A pointed nose, big green eyes, a broad flat forehead on a thin face that is framed by sideburns, dark blond hair and a smile behind which the bright mind, self-confidence and dignity are masqueraded. This is the first time a character appears before us. His image beckons with a certain mystery.

And all would be nothing, but in the future before usappears another, a real Bazarov, whose character traits were initially invisible. He looks down on everyone, proudly looks at all, does not recognize the sanctity of marriage and love, does not believe in authority and considers it beneath his dignity to prove his point of view to a friend or enemy.

Nevertheless, we can observe new outbursts of character right after Bazarov and Odintsova's romance broke out. Relationships that have arisen between young people change their familiar world.

Anna Odintsova - challenge, punishment and reward for Bazarov

In the space in which the protagonist lives, there was no place for love until he met Anna Sergeyevna. Cold, calculating widow - Bazarov in the female image.

Aristocrat, who fell in love with Eugene, proud and intelligent. The deceased old husband left her a large financial fortune. This allows her to live independently and do what she likes.

love is bazaar to the one

Two more such similar and different people in the worldliterature can not be found. The love story of Bazarov and Odintsova - a review of the book "How not to live." A young woman, attractive, has no purpose in life. It exists between time, not distinguishing between day and night.

A hardly noticeable smile and an aspen waist - Odintsov,like Bazarov, she knew how to effectively present herself. But unlike the main character, a woman really does not know how to love. Or was her heart petrified as a child? And maybe the cause was the new trends in society? What is important is that Bazarov did not immediately admit his feelings, but Anna's love never arose.

The fact that a heartless woman was indifferent,says her attitude to the young man. He is fun for her. Indifference to his death frightens readers. For Odintsova (even the name itself says a lot), feelings such as grief and joy were far away. The novel ends with her marriage with a new lucrative party.

In the world of literature

There are cliches, according to which the main characters are written. And it is these heroes who later become the most popular. Under this line were created and the heroes of Turgenev. This soulless young guys and girls who do not dream of love.

There were men and more cold, withdrawn, thanEugene. Many lovers of world literature differed from each other: Darcy and Lizzie Bennett, Rochester and Jane Eyre, Rhett Butler and Scarlett, among them the heroes of Turgenev - Bazarov and Odintsov. The mutual relations of the latter were doomed to failure. The walls that they built, it was impossible to destroy, even with the help of love.

Criticism on the choice of the main character


The attitude of Bazarov and Odintsovai to the life of criticismperceived ambiguously. On the one hand, young people remain true to themselves, and behind them there are new grandiose theories. Bazarov - a representative of a new society, independent, free from artificially planted authorities. He and his supporters are growing ideas ahead of their time. To abandon them would mean impossibility to develop freely.

On the other hand - the height of love is checkedmillennia. It was this wonderful feeling that inspired us to create. Therefore, the choice of the hero in favor of the so-called progressive society is low and unreasonable. Bazarov could unambiguously achieve great results, abandoning his theory.

Feelings that change the world

Probably the most difficult thing a person can survive is the treachery of one's own principles. But it's even worse to be alone with your rules, ignoring love.

novel is bazaar and odntsovoyThroughout the work extendsan unusual, non-budding line of sympathy for two characters. These main characters are Bazarov and Odintsov, whose relationships brightly flare up and gradually go downhill.

The beauty of the character is clearly contradictory. By all the criteria of the then world, it does not reach the standard of perfection. But he only needs to open his mouth, which, we will notice, he does quite rarely, as the flow of his thoughts, the strength of character in words and the confidence in his rightness conquer. Despite the cold, coming from the main character, Bazarov and Odintsov, whose relationships were very difficult, yet managed to catch fire with each other's feelings.

Bazarov faces a choice: Stay true to your principles or fall to a state for which you have always despised people. To be a romantic and happily in love is to be low. "This is all romanticism, nonsense, rot, art," somehow expresses his thoughts to a friend Bazarov.

Unfortunately, Bazarov and Odintsov did not pass through the love test. However, Turgenev's work "Fathers and Sons" expresses the eternal theme of a large and broad human soul.

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  • Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story Bazarov and Odintsov: relationship and love story