Blood test for cancer cells

Blood test for cancer cells

Jul 12, 2018

Blood test for cancer cells

Many people write and talk about oncology.But this field of medicine is not yet fully understood.Oncological diseases spread at a rapid pace, and they are affected not only by older people, but also by adolescents, even children.Cancer cells can affect any organs.Sometimes a person does not even guess that he is suffering from a terrible illness until it starts to progress.But time has already been missed, and it will be much more difficult to help such a patient.


  • Detection of cancer cells
  • Reasons for the appearance of cancer
  • Prophylactic methods
  • Treatment of cancerous tumors

Detection of cancer cells

With the advent of modern medical equipment, it became possible to diagnose cancer in the initial stages of development.The easiest way to identify cancer cells is to donate blood for analysis.

The principle of analysis is the detection of specific proteins( cancer markers) produced by cancer cells.The results obtained help to determine the size of the tumor, its variety and stage of development.

To identify the type of tumor specialists use for diagnostics such basic antigens:

  • CA19-9 - oncomarker of the pancreas;
  • REA - cancer-embryonic antigen;
  • CA-125 - ovarian and adnex cancer marker;
  • PSA - prostate cancer markers;
  • CA15-3 is a breast cancer marker.

Blood test for cancer cells

Research on oncomarkers is an important diagnostic process for the disease and is conducted for such purposes:

  • to obtain confirmation for the presence or absence of cancer cells;
  • for the ability to distinguish a benign tumor from a malignant tumor;
  • for determining the efficacy of a prescribed treatment and relapse control.

The results of the analyzes provide the highest accuracy in determining the types of cancer tumors and the degree of progression.After analyzing the early stages of the disease, a specialist can prescribe the right treatment that will help slow the spread of cancer cells.

Causes of the appearance of cancer

The cause of oncological disease is difficult to determine.In our life there are a number of factors that can contribute to the appearance of cancer tumors.These include:

  • Harmful environmental conditions of residence.Contaminated air, impure water, lead to new infections and chronic diseases;
  • Wrong way of life.Sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper physical activity lead to the emergence of new diseases and complications of existing ones;
  • Diseases.Viral infections and chronic diseases undermine immunity and the ability to withstand new ailments, including oncological diseases;
  • Harmful diet and addictions.Smoking, uncontrolled use of alcohol, foods with carcinogens, high-calorie and fatty foods, lack of vitamins and fiber in food products all contribute to the formation of cancer cells;
  • Stresses.Nervous overstrain, stressful situations, negative emotions, growing into discontent and bitterness, have a harmful effect on the human immune system and significantly undermine its ability to resist cancer cells;
  • Heredity.People in whose family were oncological are most susceptible to diseases with oncological diseases.

Preventative methods

In modern medical conditions, effective preventive measures are taken to prevent the appearance of cancers.These include:

  • periodic preventive examinations;
  • informing the population through the media about the causes of tumors;
  • ubiquitous fight against smoking;
  • improving the quality of food.

Blood test for cancer cells

Such acting measures help to identify people with an increased genetic risk, patients with signs of developing cancerous tumors at primary stages, reducing the impact of carcinogens on human health.

Treatment of cancerous tumors

In the process of detection and subsequent treatment of cancer disease, it is necessary to use all methods in order to stop the growth of tumor cells.For this it is necessary: ​​

  1. Conduct a blood test and do periodic reanalyses.Modern equipment makes it possible in the early stages to detect cancer cells by blood analysis.It is important not to miss the time, so the main condition for effective treatment of the disease is its early diagnosis.Repeated tests will help to bring the treatment to completion and prevent the occurrence of a relapse.
  2. You need to increase your immunity.Cancer cells are able to detach from the primary tumor and flow with the blood flow to all organs, settling there and forming metastases.If the immune system is strong enough, the body is able to overcome such cancer cells.

Timely analysis of tumor markers provides valuable information for detecting cancer and assessing the risk of their development.Based on the analysis of blood, the doctor can put the patient correctly diagnosed, prescribe the right therapy and monitor the process, avoiding complications.This will help the patient improve the quality of life and significantly extend its life.

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