Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules

Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules

Most people believe that transporting children tothe front seat of the car is prohibited. What is said about this in the rules of the road for 2016? Maybe not all so categorically? Let's carefully study the topic. It contains many different nuances: the shape of children's armchairs, the types of belts and airbags, their application, the strength of fastenings, the dimensions, methods and locations of cradles. And in general, how justifiably each time to put the child next to the driver? Whatever you say, and the track is a dynamic place, restless.

baby transportation in the front seat

What can not do without?

Before talking about such subtlety astransportation of the child in the front seat, we will touch upon the general requirements. Probably, there will not be a single person in Russia who does not know that at present the children can travel with you on a trip only if there is a special restraint device - car seat (paragraph 22.9 of the SDA).

About the age to which children can nottransport, nothing is said. Hence, even a newborn can become a passenger (for them there are avtolyubki, but they are less reliable than chairs, especially as a child quickly develops a container). Remember for yourself: children under 12 years old are carried in an armchair. Whether it is in front or behind - it does not matter, the main thing is availability.

Rules for the transport of children in the front seatThe car says that the baby restraint device is safer to install so that the child is as if turned away from the running track ahead (facing back from the movement, the airbag, if there is, is behind and off). After reaching four years of the baby can be planted in an adult way - face forward. If the passive safety system remains on, move the chair back as far as possible (this is necessary to protect the child in case the pillow is triggered).

Carriage of a child in the front seat of a car

Left, right or center?

After 12 years instead of a chair for fixinguse a regular belt. This also applies to cases when a child is younger, but has already reached a 1.5-meter height (150 cm). Older, but shorty? Still use the chair. The jumper is ineffective and traumatic. Probably, many parents at least once saw how a miniature teenager slips out from under the belt. At best, this situation is fraught with a bump on the forehead, at worst - asphyxiation (asphyxiation).

So, the carriage of the child in the front seatIt is permissible (although undesirable) if a car seat is installed in accordance with the weight and height of the young passenger. Now about the place in the salon. Perhaps you think that in terms of safety, your offspring is best to be behind the back of the driver. This is not true (percentage indicators of injury risks: 31% - left, driver, 41% - right, 28% - in the middle).

You can, but you do not need

Transportation of children in the seat in the front seat is notshould be an end in itself. Optimum, if the chair for the baby is installed in the center of the rear seat. According to the traffic rules, the small person here will be as comfortable and comfortable as possible, and most importantly, there is a chance to get rid of easily during an accident. If it seems to you that the car seat is too expensive to buy a baby carriage, determine if it has removable elements that can be used more widely.

carriage of children in a seat in the front seat

Universal acquisition will reducespending, without violating the safety of transportation of children. If you call a taxi from the guests, you will always be ready for the correct transportation of the baby (as they say, all I carry with me). So, you want to place a crumb in front and you know that this is permissible. But include common sense, analyze: is it really necessary? The long-term practice of drivers says that it is better to avoid such "primacy".

Correspondence of parameters

How is the child transported in the front seatcar and the work of an inflatable hedge located in this part? Straight! Take care that the airbag in front of the child is turned off: at the time of operation, it can cause irreparable harm to fragile creation (especially dangerous with the back to it). Also, you can not put a twelve-year-old in a car seat or an armchair that does not fit his body. This will make the trip even more dangerous.

Effective only properly selected and strongfixed design. Then your children will not become hostage to the situation on the road and in the car. And there will come a long-awaited moment when it is possible to postpone an armchair and dispense with only a belt (after 12 years, when certain physiological parameters are reached).

Is it permitted to transport children in the front seat

Read the instructions

It's gone in the past, when the picture of Mommy withThe toddler was ordinary. Today, the requirements are tough: the transportation of the child in the front seat requires the presence of an autoarmchair. Observe the rules! Read the instructions to the car in the place where the operation of the airbag is described. If it does not provide for the installation of a holding device in front, then this can be regarded as a ban, despite the loyal attitude of the traffic rules to this issue.

You run the risk of health and even your lifeif: the car seat is not installed correctly, the child is without a restraint device, the chair is small or too large. The penalty for transporting the child in the front seat without taking precautions is 3000 rubles. The assortment of armchairs is great, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable for your children.

rules for the carriage of children in the front seat of a car

Oh, people, our people!

Car shelters for the youngest passengers, likerule, fasten in the back seat, in the center. There are cocoon chairs for crumbs up to a year and a half (if their weight does not exceed 13 kg). This design is something transitional from the cradle to the chair. It can be installed in front, behind, but always back to the road.

Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car- the whole science! Car seats for kids up to four years (the weight of the child should not exceed 15 kg) is installed in front, behind, but also vice versa (back to movement). The position of car seats for 4-7-year-olds coincides with the course of motion. There are safety belts. Seats children up to 12 years (weighing up to 36 kg) put both in the front and in the rear compartment of the car, equipped with seat belts. Children older can do without a car seat, but with pillows and seat belts.

Check beforehand

It is believed that the car seat with a Europeanmarking is particularly reliable. Make sure that the seats are comfortable, then the kids are less capricious (tears and screams of children interfere with driving). Check for the V-belt (in case of an accident, it protects the spine and stomach).

rules for the transport of children in the front seat

Having received a positive answer to the question,if you are allowed to carry children in the front seat, buy an armchair, learn the strength of belts, fasteners, make sure that your beloved and unique scion does not outgrow him, learn how to quickly and clearly perform the installation and removal of the device. When purchasing a restraint device, do not hesitate to ask the vendors for the conformity certificate for the goods. Choose native, domestic models, if they comply with GOST.

Protecting the child in the front seat

Transportation of the child in the front seat requiresadults of the greatest responsibility. Transplant it from your lap to the chair. Even with the speed of the car at 50 kilometers per hour, when the collision and the appearance of inertia, the weight of the mother in 70 kilograms becomes equivalent to two tons! It's terrible to imagine how this weighting will affect the child!

penalty for transporting a child in the front seat

The fastened adult with the kid on handsfeel that the weight of the son or daughter is increasing! Ten kilograms turn into three hundred! Fleeing from the hands, the child may be outside the car: it will simply be thrown through the windshield. Of course, you do not need to think about the bad all the time. But it's worth insure. The road and the car are sources of increased danger. Studying and observing the rules of transportation of children in the front seat (and not only!), You are doing the right thing.

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  • Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules Carriage of the child in the front seat of the car: rules