Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family

Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family

Perhaps, to say that Vladimir Zhirinovsky isthe brightest and most outstanding personality in the Russian political arena, is not to say anything. This man, thanks to his statement, has long been famous far beyond Russia and the CIS.Vladimir Zhirinovsky

What kind of nicknames and titles in all hispolitical career was not honored by Vladimir Volfovich: from an inadequate clown to a gray cardinal. Some believe that he speaks impossible foolishness and awkward things, trying to attract, thus, attention to his party LDPR. Others, on the contrary, believe that not everything is so simple, and in fact, Zhirinovsky's mouth is spoken by the government of the country, since it is impossible to express many things directly to the top leadership. But Vladimir Zhirinovsky can. But people who are close to the circles of power or are interested in politics are interested in such questions. the children of Zhirinovsky The simple spectators who becomewitnesses of bright speeches, as a rule, are interested in completely different issues. Their attention is paid to the personal life of the politician, many are concerned about the question of who his wife is and how they live, what Zhirinovsky's children are doing and how their destiny has developed.

Wife brawler

Watching the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party on television,sometimes you wonder how, with such a loud, loving to raise your voice and sharply expressed by a person, you can live in everyday life and how can you stand it next to each day. Vladimir Volfovich, at first glance, can create the impression of a quick-tempered and slightly unbalanced man. But there was a woman who could go hand in hand with him for several decades. This is the only official wife of Zhirinovsky - Galina Lebedeva.

Their marriage and relations with stretch can be called easy and cloudless, but, despite any adversity, Galina remains a faithful companion and companion of her husband for many years.

The history of dating and creating a family

This couple became acquainted in a still quite youngage, when they were both in summer camp. They say that Galina immediately became interested in Vladimir. She was quite an interesting slender brunette, a student of the biological faculty of the Moscow State University. Almost three years between the young people were just friendships, while all the time Zhirinovsky gallantly courted Galina. Three years after their first meeting, in 1970, Vladimir made a marriage proposal to the girl, which she accepted. They played their wedding in 1971. And exactly one year later, in 1972, the Zhirinovsky family was replenished - they had a son, Igor.

Unusual marriage

Relations in this couple are difficult to nameideal-exemplary, but, despite all the difficulties, the couple have lived together for almost 45 years. In their life together there was a period of divorce, and it happened in 1978. Vladimir and Galina converged again in 1985, and since then they have not parted. Despite the fact that they officially did not register their relations again, on the eve of their silver wedding, as evidence of warm feelings and mutual devotion, they were married in the church.

Doubtful divorce

It would seem, a civil marriage for todayday will surprise no one. People who love each other do not have to prove their feelings in the registry office. But in the case of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Galina Lebedeva, everything is not so simple.Zhirinovsky's wife In a certain period of time in the pressthe topic of the discussion was that it is beneficial for Vladimir Volfovich to live with his wife not officially, because then he can not enter her income in the declaration of her family. And since Zhirinovsky's wife is by no means an ordinary woman, this state of affairs is just right for both of them.

A faithful friend is not a simple biologist

By profession, Lebedeva is a biologist working in theInstitute of Virology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and has a Ph.D. She is studying HIV problems. But, despite the relatively modest income of a research associate, Galina is the owner of several suburban residences, Moscow apartments and seven expensive cars.Zhirinovsky family

Also Lebedeva is engaged in active social activities. She became the creator of the LDPR Women's Association, which solves various humanitarian issues.

Zhirinovsky: children and grandchildren

In a marriage with Galina, the politician had one son -Igor Lebedev. Zhirinovsky and his wife at one time gave the boy the name of his mother specifically so that his father's shadow did not interfere with his life. Today Vladimir Volfovich is proud of his offspring, as an adult, he fully supported the ideas of his father and continued his work.Igor Igor Lebedev Zhirinovsky

Just like his father, Igor attractedjurisprudence. In 1996, he successfully graduated from the Law Academy in Moscow. Lebedev has long been a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and for a few years he has made a good political career:

  • was an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma;
  • served as expert expert in the apparatus of the LDPR faction;
  • appointed adviser to the Minister of Labor of the Russian Federation;
  • was elected a deputy of the State Duma in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2001.

According to this track record, it can be concluded that Igor Vladimirovich's political career was quite successful, however, just like his personal life.

The wife of Lebedev is called Lyudmila, and information aboutshe knows not too much. In his interviews, Igor does not like to answer questions about his wife, in all probability, protecting her from intrusive media attention. It is known only that young people have been familiar since childhood. In 1998, they had twin sons: Alexander and Sergey. Igor says that he really wanted to name one of them in honor of his father - Vladimir, but Zhirinovsky dissuaded him from this idea. To date, both brothers are students of the prestigious boarding house at Moscow State University.zhirinov's children and grandchildren

Their grandfather admits that, unfortunately, he communicates with his grandchildren very rarely, at best, once a month, since he has a shortage of time for everything.

Igor Lebedev in an interview confirmed thatgrandfather with his grandchildren is really rare, at best - congratulates them on the phone with a birthday. Basically, attention to Alexander and Sergey is given by grandmothers, who have much more free time than Vladimir Volfovich. But there are other children Zhirinovsky, about which it is worth telling.

A relative from Ossetia

Despite, it would seem, not quite standard,but many understandable matrimonial life of the politician, it turned out, not all the children of Zhirinovsky were born with the official spouse Galina. And for the first time about it it became known in 1995. It was then that Vladimir brought a 9-year-old child to one of the local channels and informed everyone that this was his son. The boy was called Oleg, and the politician publicly acknowledged that he had to be his own father.

The story of the boy's birth became known to a widemasses a little later. It turned out that with the mother of Oleg, the Ossetian Zhanna Gazdarova, Zhirinovsky met in Cuba, where the woman at that time worked. Jeanne was a very bright and beautiful caucasian girl. Between her and the politician, a violent and passionate romance immediately spun.

Soon the couple came back to Moscow, whereOleg was born. Jeanne decided to send him to the upbringing of his mother, who lived in a small village of Chikola in North Ossetia. It was there that Oleg's childhood passed, where his grandmother Rakhimat Kardanova was engaged in full education.

How did the father introduce his son to the whole country?

At the age of 9, he became acquainted withfather. It is not known how this news was received by Galina Lebedeva, but the politician himself publicly acknowledged his son. And he did it publicly, bringing the boy with him to the recording of the ether of one of the central television channels. After graduation, Oleg moved to Moscow to his mother. He entered the Moscow State University and successfully completed his studies.

The wedding of a son that passed without the presence of his father

The press again recalled sharply and started talking aboutillegitimate son of a deputy of the State Duma, when Oleg Gazdarov turned 26 years old. It was at this age that he decided to marry. His choice was Ossetian - Madina Batyrov, whom he met at Moscow State University. The wedding attracted the attention of journalists, since it was marked on a special scale. The celebration took place in the Ossetian city of Digora. For the celebration, the most prestigious restaurant "Alcor" was reserved, employees of which admit that they did not see such a luxurious event in the history of the institution's existence. According to the information provided in various forums, about 800 guests attended the event. The cost of the bride's dress was estimated at about 200 thousand rubles. Also there are rumors that the rings for the young were acquired not anywhere, but from the "Tiffany". The rite of bride price ransom passed without superfluous stinginess from the groom. In general, everything spoke of the luxury and fullness of the newlyweds.

It was not a secret to anyone that all the costs oforganization of the celebration, took over Vladimir Volfovich. Naturally, all the assembled relatives, and, of course, the newlyweds themselves, were waiting for the arrival of the famous bridegroom's father. But the meeting never happened. Given Zhirinovsky's daily workload, it can be assumed that he did not really have time to attend the event, but it is possible that he did not deem it necessary to attend, considering that his father's debt was fully paid for all expenses.

Mysterious daughter Anastasia

Asking about how many children haveVladimir Zhirinovsky, do not think that everything was limited to two recognized sons. In his numerous interviews Vladimir repeatedly said that he also has an illegitimate daughter. Unfortunately, detailed information about this girl in the open sources is very difficult to find. Perhaps she herself does not want to advertise her status as an illegitimate child. According to Zhirinovsky himself, only that which her name is Anastasia is known. In the birth certificate, her patronymic is listed in accordance with the biological father, that is, Vladimirovna. And the daughter of Zhirinovsky wears a surname - my mother's - Petrova.

The history of Nastya's birth in detail is notadvertised. At the same time, Vladimir Volfovich says that if Russian laws allowed him to have several wives, he would have long established relations with Nastya's mother, and the daughter of Zhirinovsky would have long had his name.

Interesting bills of the charismatic politician

In a certain period of time, Vladimir Volfovichactively promoted one bill in the State Duma. He had to allow Russian men to have several official wives and all children born in these relations, to write down on themselves. Of course, many immediately linked it to the fact that not all the children of Zhirinovsky were born into a legal many children from Vladimir Zhirinovsky

To relate to his political activities inas a liberal democrat can be differently, his often eccentric performances and scandalous statements can not be loved, or you can, on the contrary, look with great interest. But regardless of all the factors, Vladimir Volfovich should be given undoubted tribute in one thing: he never gave up his children born out of wedlock with Galina Lebedeva. It is a pity that the general public, most likely will never know how in fact such official pronouncements of the father and spouse are the official family of Zhirinovsky.

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  • Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family Children Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich. Personal life and family