ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics

"ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner": reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics

Assortment of fisherman accessories on the slyreplenishes with electronic devices - first there were devices for knitting hooks, then pagers and signalers. Now the turn of the echo sounders has come. Every self-respecting fisherman, who prefers fishing from a boat or in the winter, has his own sonar.

In this article, the reader will become more familiar witha remarkable device "ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner." Fishermen's comments, a review and the characteristics of the electronic device will allow customers to orientate themselves in the market of accessories for fishing.

er 6 pro depth sounder practices

Distinctive feature

Compactness, resistance to extremeconditions and ease of management are important criteria when choosing the echo sounder for buyers. However, such requirements will also include expensive devices. Therefore, users tend to trust the feedback of the owners. After all, it is not customary to praise products on the domestic market: there is no negative - it means that the device is worthy of purchase.

For many buyers it does not matter whichhas a depth sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" reviews. The price of an electronic device becomes the main criterion when choosing a device on the market (6000 rubles). The simplicity of design and ease of use also relate to the qualities that users are guided by when buying.


For many fishermen, accustomed to several daysDo not go from boat to shore, the autonomy of the electronic device is in priority. The device is powered by one 1.5-volt battery, and also supports a similar battery size (1.2V). With regard to work on a single battery, it all depends on the temperature of the environment. In principle, the positive has the sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" reviews. In summer, on a single battery, the device will work for 200 hours, and in winter, in severe frosts, it can draw out 120 hours.

echo sounder practitioner er 6 pro reviews

The depth of scanning is from 1 to 25 meters. Sonar has only one beam, which operates within 0-40 degrees. The depth finder is equipped with a system for determining the size of fish and the depth at which it is located. Also, the beam knows how to determine the composition of the bottom and shows all the artifacts that can prevent the fisher from pulling the catch (snags, stones, metal structures).

Additional functionality

Presence of image scaling on a smallthe display device is considered a miracle for all fishermen who purchased themselves "ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner." Reviews of this feature describe a lot of advantages. First, the increase in the scan area selected on the device. It is very convenient to consider the unevenness of the bottom in search of pits, where a predator can hide. In addition, this functionality allows you to consider the reasons for the trigger of the sensor - often with increasing the image you can see the schools of small fish, which were originally displayed as a shapeless lump.

winter depth sounder practitioner er 6 pro reviews

The "Depth" mode, which is often missedfishermen from sight, helps to determine the exact distance to the bottom. This functional is in demand by people who create pilot maps of the bottom of the reservoir. After all, it is easier to make measurements only once, and then, from year to year, search for places to catch on the map, and not to probe the bottom again.

Unique Screen

The liquid crystal display of the device isOne of the advantages of the "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" echo sounder. The review of the features, the owners' feedback and the viewing of the video about the device will never give the sensation that the user will experience when studying the sonar himself. The black and white screen of 30x50 mm is not only informative, but also multifunctional, it is a pleasure to work with it.

As for the lack of color, this toodignity, because it is this parameter that provides greater autonomy to the device. The screen has protection not only from dust and moisture, but also is reliably protected from impacts when falling. But to drop it all the same it is not necessary, it after all electronics - internal components can from damage be damaged.

Control Panel

But the management of the echo sounder does not appeal to manyusers, because make settings with two buttons is very inconvenient. From the side it reminds the management of the old electronic clock "Electronics" - one button switches modes, and the second button makes a choice. And this problem is relevant for all models of the sonar line of the manufacturer.

echo sounder practitioner er 6 pro summer reviews

Regardless of the modification, whether they are echo sounders"Practitioner ER-6" and "ER-6 Pro", the instruction, functionality and configuration management are identical. This is very convenient for many fishermen who own several echo sounders or have switched from an old sonar to an improved modification. To users, users get used quickly, but the operating manual still carry with them, as there are small difficulties in setting up.

Sensor Operation

Yes, the sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" reviews fishermenwith respect to the sensor is not the best. Just one beam and a weak angle do not allow you to scan the bottom, passing the boat on a glider along the river surface. The search for pits and convenient places for fishing, not to mention the presence of fish, will take more than one hour. But it's better than playing a lottery, throwing a bait and tackle into the unknown.

The sensor is protected from impacts, but still has its ownmargin of safety. It is easy to break about the body of a metal floating device with an unsuccessful throw into the water. There are no warnings about this in the manual, however, the owners of the "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" recommend to be extremely careful with the sensor.

Dreams do not always come true

As for the functional that can determineflocks of fish, to seek out the depths of a large predator and indicate the direction of its movement, then the potential buyer often has questions. And they are quite understandable, because an inexpensive device can not have such a potential. Practically the sonar "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" reviews about this functional has positive: sonar makes an audio alert when the fish moves under it, shows the owner fragments of large moving objects that fall into the field of his "vision", and also knows how to determine the physical size of the fish.

depth sounder practitioner er 6 pro reviews price

However, there are also artifacts that the echo sounderperceives the fish and gives a sound signal, drawing the owner of the device huge silhouettes of the predator. And then the human brain brings the outlines to the ideal, and the fisherman, on the threshold of prey, engages in the catch of the mystical being instead of re-scanning the bottom of the reservoir.

Features of winter fishing

Many buyers who wish to use the sonar incold season, I wonder what the echo sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" reviews. In winter, not every device is able to turn on, not to mention the work in the twenty-degree frost. Yes, because of the cold battery life is reduced by half, and the LCD screen can spontaneously shut down, but not everything is so scary. After all, in the same instructions are prescribed recommendations for the owner, which are aimed at preserving the performance of sonar in extreme conditions.

It is better to keep the sounder in warm gloves orplace in your pocket (if you orient on the sound alarm). As for the wire, it does not freeze, so you can not worry about it. The same goes for the sensor - it can withstand both cold water and icing. True, it is not worth warming it around the fire. It has a plastic casing and can burn.

Recommendations of fishermen

Many owners believe that the winter depth sounder"Practitioner ER-6 Pro", reviews about which have more merits, rather than negative, is quite capable of working without dipping into the reservoir. That is, it does not need to drill a hole, and also take it out of the boat. In the media there are many recommendations for improving the catching processes with this remarkable device. If you look at the instructions, it says in black and white that the sensor works only after it has been immersed in water, but there is no word that it should be in the reservoir.

echosounder practitioner er 6 pro reviews in winter

Naturally, folk craftsmen through researchcame to the conclusion that the sonar could scan the bottom directly from the boat or on the surface of the ice. To do this, pour water into the cellophane bag, place the sensor in it and tighten the container tightly, so that no water leaks out. The package is placed in a boat or on an ice floe. In the latter case, it is necessary to control the freezing of water, because it will not be easy to heat the sonar afterwards.

Sound settings

Let the configuration of the device "ER-6 Pro (depth sounder)Practitioner "reviews and positive, but the beginner will inevitably face shortcomings in the management, which can be eliminated only with the help of special experiments.It is a sound notification.If not to fine-tune the sensor, the sounder will signal any interference that may be present in the water snag, a plastic bottle).

Fishermen recommend using trolls smalldimensions, which must be secured with a fishing line and lowered to the bottom of the reservoir. After that, the echo sounder starts, and the spoon ticks gently from the bottom. When an audible alert appears, you must stop lifting by fixing a spoon at one depth. Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor so that it does not react to a non-moving element. Continue the climb and make sure that the alarm goes off only for movement.

Disadvantages of the fishfinder

It is worth noting that the device cost 6000rubles is unlikely to have serious shortcomings, which should pay attention to the buyers who decided to purchase the sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro." Owner reviews, reviews and specifications of the sonar describe only the merits of this unique accessory for fishing. But there are a lot of minor flaws, which together can become an obstacle for many users who wish to use the sonar for fishing.

echo sounder practitioner er 6 pro reviews fishermen

Problems with the settings lead to the fact that beforeUsing the owner, it is necessary to constantly manipulate the sensor sensitivity setting. Whether the density of water is different, or the temperature has changed - sonar without settings gives strange readings. Many negatives of users and the battery pack - the spring holding the battery, is constantly weakened, which leads to the opening of the electrical circuit and the echo sounder shutdown. Naturally, you need to fix the problem immediately after purchasing the device.


Users already managed to draw attention to the fact thatthe market of echo sounders of the golden mean does not exist. Either the buyer chooses a device worth up to 10,000 rubles with weak functionality, or prefers an elite worth 30,000 rubles or more. Therefore, to judge the "ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner", reviews about which have almost no negative, no one has the right. Yes, the screen is small and not color, there is no GPS navigation and support for maps, but this is a representative of the budget class, whose task is to detect motion underwater at a depth of 25 meters. It's up to the buyer to decide what device he needs for fishing.

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  • ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics ER-6 Pro (depth sounder) Practitioner: reviews of fishermen, overview and characteristics