Festive recipe for quails

Festive recipe for quails

Previously, the quail was considered a game, which is understandable -They were hunted after them, wandering around the fields and meadows with a gun and a dog. But now it turned out that this bird of the order of chickens is well divorced in captivity. Now, without problems, you can buy very delicious and dietary quail eggs in the store, and even the carcasses are already sold. But the dishes from quail, despite the availability of this meat, did not become everyday. To make them, you need to tinker, and if you want to stuff them with chestnuts, then you need to perform an almost surgical operation to remove tiny, fragile bones.The recipe for quail

However, holidays for holidays and holidaysdecorate the table with something special. Why do not we make quails? However, to feed a family of 4 people, you need to buy almost a flock of these birds that weigh 150 g each. But, if the funds do not allow you to buy just 20 carcasses, you can do only 3-4 and add the meat to a salad or pie filling.

The recipe for quails in the oven

Carcasses rinse, cut the breasts and unscrew asfor a dish of "chicken-tapaka". In two soup spoons of olive oil stir spices for chicken, lemon juice, seasoning to your taste. Try to see if the mixture left the salt enough. If necessary, salt the skin of birds. Lubricate the oil with quail and leave it for two hours.Warm upoven to 240 degrees. Carcasses are packed in a culinary sleeve, in which we also add 2-3 tablespoons of water, and so we cook about half an hour. Then cut the sleeve and let it stand in the oven for another 15 minutes. This time will be enough for the backs to brown, and the moisture has not evaporated yet.Dishes from quails

The recipe for quails stewed

In a deep bowl, mix a glass of white tablewine, a glass of melted butter, four soup spoonfuls of vinegar, two onion rings cut into rings, salt, spices, herbs. Allow to stand until the onion almost softens. Rinse the quails in a saucepan, pour the mixture. In this recipe, as in the previous one, you need to think about the fact that the meat, already without it, is not dried up and not boiled. So you need to tightly cover the stewpan with a cast iron lid, put on a small fire and so put out for two hours.

The recipe for quails in eggplant

"Sinenkih" need to take as much ascarcasses, and tomatoes - half as much. With eggplant, cut the stem, and with a knife we ​​scrape the middle so that the bird can later fit into it. Salt vegetables and stand the hour to eliminate the bitterness. Then rinse again and put in the eggplant one chicken. The bird needs to be rinsed and rubbed with salt with spices. We take a pan for baking and set in it eggplants, so that they are in an upright position with holes up. We cover these vessels with halves of tomato. We pour the vegetables on top with fat and bake in a medium-heated oven.Cooking quail

Recipe for quails stuffed with foie gris

10 carcasses will need 350 grams of pate fromgoose liver. Carcasses marinate for 6 hours in a marinade of 150 g of olive oil, in which you need to spread out 5 eggs and 2 small chopped garlic cloves. In the marinade add the spices: paprika, black pepper, salt and fresh greens of coriander. While the birds are taking a bath, we prepare the stuffing. From the loaf of white bread cut the crust, cut the flesh into small pieces. So do with foie gras and 600 g of champignons. In one frying pan, we pour a little marinade on it and fry it until it is completely ready. On the other, without any fat, we spread the foie gru. She will let the fat out where it is necessary to pour in pieces of bread. We continue to fry until the crumb completely absorbs the oil. Mix mushrooms, foie gras and bread. When it cools down, drive 2 eggs. Mix well, salt, pepper. We begin stuffing the birds and bake them for 10 minutes at 180 ° C.

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