Float - a suit for winter fishing

Float - a suit for winter fishing

Winter fishing requires adequate equipment. One of the most important attributes of a modern fisherman is the so-called float - a suit that guarantees not only heat, but also the safety of a person caught in ice water. He is able to keep the fisherman afloat and help get out on the ice.float suit

What it is?

The idea of ​​creating such costumes was born inFinland, where today without them fishermen are simply forbidden to go out on the ice. In some cases, this invention can save a person's life. Unlike traditional winter costumes, the float is not just insulated clothes for fishing. He primarily performs the role of a safety device in the event that a person falls through the ice. The moisture-proof fabric from which such a suit is made not only keeps the fisherman who has fallen into the water, but also automatically turns it up in a few seconds, without allowing it to choke.

Experts use for its manufacture such high-quality materials which perfectly protect from a cold, not allowing the person to freeze even at temperature of 30-40 degrees below zero.fishing suit float

Main characteristics

Externally float - a suit that is not much differentfrom the traditional winter clothes of a fisherman. The main differences lie in its design. It consists of several layers. In addition to the insulation and the outer layer, the suit includes a special material (most often an isolon), thanks to which its buoyancy is ensured. It is distributed evenly over the entire surface, which increases the floating characteristics of this garment. In addition, this material is a good waterproofing that does not allow it to quickly get wet, which means that the fisherman has a chance not only to save his life, but also not to get a cold due to hypothermia, even with a long-term stay in ice water.Clothes for fishing

Winter suit-float can be one-part (differs higher buoyancy and moisture resistance) or consist of a jacket and trousers, which is much more convenient in terms of operation.

Advantages of a float suit

For the outer layer a special softA fabric that has moisture resistance and vapor resistance and retains its properties even after numerous washes. The role of a heater performs such innovative material that allows the fisherman to feel comfortable both on the street in case of severe frost and indoors.

The buoyancy of this garment is so high thatYou can not be afraid to take all the equipment with you. Float - a suit that is able to hold up to 140 kg of weight on water. A special insulating filler, from which the floating layer is made, does not allow mixing of the surrounding water with that which has already got inside the suit. This allows the fisherman to resist the cold for a long time, waiting for help.

An important advantage of such equipmentis its convenience. In it you can move around freely, use a drill or a fishing rod. In the suit every detail (numerous pockets, hood, adjustable cuffs, etc.) is thought out, which creates additional comfort.winter suit float

The variety of models allows you to choose the most suitable depending on the climatic conditions of the area where fishing is planned.

Top models

Despite the fact that the costume-float for fishingToday it is still considered a novelty, there are many different models on the market that are produced by well-known brands. Among them, the products of the domestic manufacturer of sports and tourist equipment Raftlayer are distinguished by its characteristics. Specialists of this company have been developing equipment for extreme conditions for a long time. Therefore, the float suit is in demand not only for fans of winter fishing, but also for rescuers, workers of navigational facilities. It attracts attention primarily by its convenience and the ability to store heat when the thermometer's column drops to -40 ° C.suit float Sundridge

Products of the Baltic company Norfin onthe Russian market is in demand for about 10 years. Her clothes for fishing are quite diverse. A wide range of models allows you to choose a suit for every taste. Thanks to additional protection from the wind, the presence of snow-protective gaiters, as well as a high temperature threshold (up to -35 ° C), such equipment is often used for snowmobile riding.

We appreciated our fishermen and Polish costumes Graff. In their creation, the latest technologies are used. The modern insulation of Polartec ensures the preservation of heat at a temperature of -50 ° C.

The real Japanese quality is the Alaskan costumes. Ergonomic design combined with an ideal cut and the best materials creates maximum comfort in the most extreme conditions.

Advantages of Sundridge suits

The float produced by this English company -a suit that deserves special attention. This is the most balanced combination of comfort, weatherproofing and security. It is perfect for fishing and just for outdoor activities, providing comfort and safety. The firm is the developer of high-quality materials, which are successfully used by other manufacturers of clothes for fishermen. Sundridge's know-how is floating foam inserts. When a person starts producing very active movements, the cells of this foam open and all the moisture that appears appears to be pushed out.

The costume is made of strong nylon fabric with increased water resistance. Convenient Velcro fasteners, located on cuffs and at the bottom of the trousers, do not allow water to penetrate inside the suit.

costume float for fishing

Hard visor on adjustable hood andA high collar perfectly protects from snow and wind. Semi-overalls are additionally insulated in the area of ​​the knees and waist. Suit-float Sundridge - this is an excellent gift for a winter fishing lover, hunter or tourist. The company offers models designed specifically for the Russian winter, allowing you to fish in the most severe frosts.

SeaFox Costumes

Very warm and not constraining the movement of clothingis a float suit from SeaFox. Thanks to its unique design it is possible to hold onto the water surface for a long time. The material from which it is made does not absorb water at all.

Suit for 5 seconds turns overcaught up in the water of a person. Along with the bright coloring, there are reflective stripes on it, so it's possible to notice the fisherman in distress very quickly. Water can only enter through the top of the clothes or from the feet. This fishing float suit has a temperature threshold of -25 ° C, so it is unlikely to protect it in severe frost, but will always provide dryness. Comfort and safety complements many thoughtful details, such as secure pockets, tight seams, etc.

Suit-float for women

Despite the fact that almost all of thisclothing for fishermen belongs to the category of unisex, the manufacturers do not forget about the beautiful ladies. Indeed, among them there are many fans of winter fishing, tourism and various extreme activities.suit float reviewsWomen in any situation want to lookmodern and elegant. Therefore, when developing models for them, the features of the female figure are necessarily taken into account. The jacket in such sets can easily be pulled in the waist, and various belts with reliable fasteners help to fit it in size.

How to choose a float (costume)?

The issue of choosing a trademark of great importance is notIt has. The main thing is that all the characteristics declared by the manufacturer are present. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the material. This will largely depend on comfort. The quality material does not rustle and does not harden in extreme frost. "Breathable" ability of the membrane is usually indicated by the manufacturer and expressed by a certain figure - from 3000 and above. For more active studies, it is necessary that this indicator is not less than 6000.

Suit should be chosen the appropriate size. He should not restrain movements, at the same time, too much clothing will save heat much worse. It is advisable to listen to the advice of specialists before buying a float suit. Feedback from those who have already managed to evaluate this or that model in practice will also help to make the right choice.

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