From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat

From what to get fat? Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat

from what are you getting fat From what you get fat and what you need to do to avoidgaining weight? This issue is relevant not only for modern women, but also for the stronger sex and even children. Surprisingly, more often than not, people ask it to themselves and, of course, can not find the right answer because of their incompetence. In this regard, we recommend that you turn to experienced nutritionists who know their business and certainly will be able to tell you about what makes you fat and can not lose weight in any way.

Unfortunately, not all people have free money to visit a specialist. That is why we will try to answer this question in this article.

From what to get fat?

There are several factors whya person begins to gain weight in weight. And more often people understand, with what their completeness is connected. But the likely abandonment of their favorite habits makes them literally "blind." In this regard, our task is to open our eyes to the fatiguing people who want to acquire harmonious and sexual forms.

Improper diet

products from which get fat "What makes you fat, if you eat a little and seldom?""- with such a question, patients very often turn to experienced dieticians. But if all the analyzes of this person are in order, and he does not take any hormonal drugs, then the expert is rather skeptical about this statement. After all, people who lead a healthy lifestyle, including eating properly, will never gain an extra kilogram. However, most women and men are still confident that they do not use so many products to get fat.

Nutritionists call this effect self-deception. After all, it is necessary to objectively count the number of snacks and eaten for a day dishes, as it turns out that there are several times more calories in them than it is necessary for a person. So let's find out together what exactly contributes to completeness.

Products from which to grow fat

Absolutely all modern products containsuch elements as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These substances are extremely necessary for the normal development and existence of the human body. They promote the growth of muscles and bones, are responsible for the healthy state of organs, etc. But all is well, that in moderation. After all, these elements can both help your body, and destroy it.


from honey grow fat Most often, the products from which they get fat,contain a large amount of carbohydrates. These include our favorite confectioneries, pasta and bakery products, as well as fruits, juices, sugar and other sweet and flour ingredients. That is why during diets experts recommend to flatly abandon the listed components. But what if the normal development of the body requires not only proteins and fats, but also carbohydrates?

The fact is that the latter are divided into two groups: simple and complex. Carbohydrates, called monosaccharides, quickly increase the sugar content in the blood, which affects not only human health, but also its shape. Complex elements are absorbed more slowly, and much more energy is required to digest them. So how do you think which carbohydrates contain all of the above products? Of course, they completely consist of monosaccharides and quickly lead to fatness.

From bread get fat or not? This question is also very often asked by dietitians. It should be noted that from bakery products people get fat more often (after confectionery sweets). But this is only if the product is as fresh as possible and made from higher grades of wheat. If you can not completely abandon the bread, then we recommend to stop your choice on rye breadcrumbs or special diet breads.

Also worth noting that the honey does not get fatless often than from granulated sugar. After all, this ingredient, although it is a useful product, still consists almost entirely of carbohydrates alone. Most often, honey is recommended for those who can not live without sweet, and it is necessary to bring your figure in order in the shortest possible time. At the same time, it should not be taken with bread and butter, you can only eat a couple of spoons for breakfast or lunch. By the way, abusing this product, you can not only harm your own figure, but also your health. After all, honey is the strongest allergen.they get fat from bread


"Only those who eat it make fat from fat" - sojoke many nutritionists. With what is it connected? As you know, fat is 100% fat. And if superfluous carbohydrates, getting into the human body, first transformed into triglycerides, and then deposited on the stomach, sides and thighs, then the presented element does not need to be subjected to chemical reactions, it immediately finds secluded places in these parts of the body. That's why you should refuse such a tasty and fragrant product.

From the porridge get fat? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what the dish consists of. As a rule, it includes cereals, milk and spices, including sugar. As for the first product (buckwheat, rice, manga, millet, oatmeal, etc.), most often it contains complex carbohydrates, which are useful for the body and practically never affect negatively the figure. But, as you know, porridge is made on milk, and in the end a bit of butter is added. It is these fatty components that can lead you, as they will clearly contribute to the fact that you will gain extra pounds again. In this regard, nutritionists recommend cooking porridge exclusively on water and without adding such simple carbohydrates as sugar.

from fat are getting fat

Carbohydrates + fats

As we found out above, the two named components are the most terrible enemies of our figure. Then it's hard to imagine what will happen if they are combined together.

Let's remember what everyday dishes we love the most. These include:

  • cakes, cakes, sweets, chocolate and other confectionery;
  • pasta on-fleet, salads based on mayonnaise and vegetables, mashed potatoes with fried and fatty meat, sausages in dough, hamburgers, french fries, sandwiches with butter, cheese and other second courses;
  • fatty soups with potatoes, rice, noodles and dumplings, etc.

If you consider these products in more detail, then you can safely say that every day you consume a deadly combination of carbohydrates and fats. It is from this and all your problems are overweight.

From coffee get fat or not? The answer to this question is definitely difficult. And before doing this, you should again find out what kind of drink it is. If you are used to drinking coffee every day with cream and sugar, then yes, from such a combination you will certainly gain weight. If you are a supporter of a black drink without milk and sweeteners, then nothing threatens you.

Thus, it can be safely concluded that our figure is ruined by an incorrect and unbalanced diet, which most often consists of such a deadly combination as carbohydrates and fats.


Unlike the other two elements, the proteins in no waydo not affect the figure of a person. That is why today diets are very popular, which are based on products, mainly consisting of the substance presented. Such low-fat meat, fish, beans (peas, chickpeas, beans, soybeans), seafood, dairy products, etc., are certainly among such ingredients. But for sure, each of us understands that such components also include harmful elements in their composition. After all, it's hard to imagine cheese, milk or cottage cheese without fat. Although today there are such products that are maximally devoid of the substance mentioned.from coffee get fat

However, it should be noted that, unlike the combination of carbohydrates and fats, proteins and triglycerides do not contribute to rapid and significant weight gain. Especially if you use them in moderation.

Features of the nation

Why do not French women get fat? In due time this issue became the title of a very interesting and fascinating book. But to answer it, it is not necessary to reread this edition again and again.

Indeed, there is an opinion that the French do notsubject to completeness. But this is only partly true. After all, the habit of consuming a lot of harmful food is born since birth. For example, Russians always differed in the fact that they liked tasty and abundant food. One need only recall how the historians described the royal tables, which were covered for holidays and celebrations. As for the French, their nation is still associated with dimensionality and caution. Probably, that's why they are picky in eating and never allow themselves to eat superfluous.why French women do not get fat

How not to grow stout?

If you are inclined to fullness, then you should payspecial attention to their diet. After an extra piece of cake can contribute to the fact that in a few weeks you can not climb into your favorite dress or trousers. To do this, it is recommended to develop a separate menu that will differ significantly from the diet of your loved ones and relatives. Of course, at first it will be difficult to refrain from your favorite dishes, but after a couple of weeks of effort this habit will disappear by itself.

Active lifestyle

Another answer to the question of why peoplefuller, may well serve as a lack of movement. After all, very few people do sports today, preferring to sit at a computer or TV once more. But in order to find a beautiful and sexy figure, these habits should definitely be discarded. After all, nothing burns excess fats like a jog or a banal walk through the park. It is also worth noting that if the calories entering into you are many times greater than the number of energy units that you spend during physical movements, then you will never lose weight. In this regard, you should always remember the balance and know the extent of eating.

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  • From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat From what to get fat Products from which to get fat. Why French women do not get fat