How do cats get sick

How do cats get sick?

The appearance of a pet gives not onlythe joy of communicating with him, but also the responsibility for the health and even life of a new member of the family. Unfortunately, the animal can not complain of poor health and malaise, so the caring owner should know what signals in behavior change should be regarded as the initial symptoms of his pet's illness.

The first symptoms of a malaise

In particular, you should know how the cats are sick. The first signs of a malaise of an animal are often expressed as follows:

  • The behavior of the cat changes drastically. The early calm kitten suddenly became too active and naughty, or, conversely, the active animal lies almost all the time.
  • Excessive drinking of water is a characteristic symptom of kidney disease.
  • Excessive salivation is the main sign of rabies in an animal, although it can also be caused by diseases such as oral inflammation, toothache, or liver disease.

How to understand that a cat is sick, by changing itappetite? If the cat does not eat anything for more than a day and a half - this is an occasion for an urgent consultation with a veterinarian, even if the animal looks as normal and looks quite healthy. Conversely, excessive appetite is also a sign of the disease, and it is possible that the cat has hyperthyroidism.

Serious Diseases

Cats are also prone to many diseases and soAs people, they need treatment and prevention of various ailments. That's why you should think carefully before you start a pet. If you still decided, now (if the animal is already living in your house), you should pay attention to it and to its health. The older the animal becomes, the more it is susceptible to various diseases. How do you know what a cat is sick with? This is easy enough, because there are several main signs of disease.

  • Diseases of the respiratory system are manifesteda minor morning cough that develops into shortness of breath, especially after moving games. In addition, the cat can snort, wheeze or sneeze for carrying visible causes.
  • The disturbed metabolism, which is a consequence of hyperthyroidism or liver and kidney disease, is expressed by frequent and constant vomiting.
  • An allergy to a certain food is also manifested by the vomiting and weakness of the animal.
  • Fleas, itch mites and ringworm will certainly cause the cat to constantly lick and itch.
  • Diarrhea or constipation in an animal is a sign of infection with internal parasites.
  • The appearance of a tumor and even a minorSwelling, especially on the pet's belly (not to be confused with fat) is the main symptom of a malignant tumor and requires immediate intervention by a veterinarian.

So, let's sum up. How do you know if the cat is sick? It's enough to watch your pet carefully and not to ignore any changes in his behavior and appearance.

Disease Prevention

How to determine if the cat is ill? In some cases, it is not easy, but it is very necessary for the timely treatment of a veterinarian and the provision of medical care to the animal. In addition, for effective disease prevention, it is necessary to properly feed your pet and remember that eating from a person's table is an unsuitable food for a cat. It is necessary to keep the animal clean. Cats in themselves are very clean animals, but there can be situations when a person needs to wash a cat. This should be done, but it is necessary to dry the animal after washing and keep it warm so that the cat does not catch a cold.

If the animal is injured and the wound is small, then theirit is necessary to treat it in order to avoid getting into the body of a cat of pathogenic bacteria. Also, of course, you need to monitor the cleanliness of the cat's toilet.

Observing these simple tips, you can save your cat from many diseases. And of course, she needs to give her love and affection, since from a lack of warmth the cat can also get sick.

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