How to become a good wife

How to become a good wife?

Your husband is perfect! He is handsome, intelligent, presents you with gifts and attention, pampers like a real princess. Of course, you want to please him, to become a good wife for a beloved man. Even if you earn well and have success in your career, a man will miss the usual women's care, the ability to cook deliciously, comfort in the home, your feminine irresistibility and other trifles inherent in this girl.

We will teach you to match your husband, be unique and unique for him, and also tell you how to become a good wife.

If you want to become a good wife ...

Watch yourself always

A good wife, in the first place, should alwaysremain a woman! How to become a beloved wife Just remember this for life !!! Forget about nagging: "how can I clean up at home, and eat, and also make up."

  • Learn to distribute your time. To do this, start a diary. Before going to bed every day, make a schedule for tomorrow right on time.
  • Use makeup on any day. Even going with her husband to the forest for mushrooms, bring your face in order: fresh skin color with a meager amount of powder and blush, masking pimples, gently brush over the cilia - and here's the reflection of the girl!
  • No old coats, torn shorts and hoodie at home! Just sexy or just feminine outfit.
  • Change!

Comfort in the house and a lot of food

  • Let your home not be repaired, but the apartment should be clean, light and warm and cozy, so that I would like to return here again and again.
  • At home, food should always be prepared.

Development and its "I"

Pay attention to this most important point! If you live the life only of a husband and children, you will cease to be interesting for a man. He will start looking for an interesting woman, an interlocutor on the side. And suddenly he will find the one who knows how to become his mistress mistress ... He met you once as an individual with his interests, desires, aspirations and goals, so keep it! To do this, find a hobby, passion, read, do not live without a goal, always strive for something (to your own!). Do not be a shadow of a husband, have your life, a small personal space and your environment.

Do not "choke" her husband

  • Do not strangle him with unfounded jealousy: daily phone checks, sms, pockets, attempts to catch on something, stinging reproaches, paranoid surveillance. The forbidden fruit is sweet: the more prohibitions, the stronger the desire to break them. To become a better wife, give him freedom, have personal interests, he will become attached to you.
  • Sometimes you let go of your husband with your male friends. But at the same time, do not be a rag and a mess. Know the measure, do not let sit on your neck.
  • Remember, everyone needs a personal space,let the husband sometimes rest from himself. For example, find an exciting lesson at home. While the husband is at work, you will have enough to enjoy solitude. And when? Even if you spend at least a couple of hours at home for your business.
  • How to become a wise wife? Yield yourself, and teach your husband to find compromises. Talk more, teach him to look for the solution to the problem that will suit you both.

Method of carrots and stick

... but rather a carrot. How to become a wise wife - do not forget your female cunning. Often wives react emotionally only to bad things, and good ones are taken for granted.

  • Do not get tired of praising your husband, emotionallyrejoice (at least jump to the ceiling) with any ordinary thing that you like. Do not forget to take out the garbage - praise, detail how he made your life easier, what a wonderful husband and helper he is. Presented a gift without a reason - rejoice emotionally and brightly, thank. Came from work on time - again, positive reinforcement. Form his behavior themselves - everything is in your hands.
  • Gray in the whole arm is also notnecessary. Emotional shakes are ALWAYS ALWAYS (!) Needed. How does he behave like a pig? Capricious, you're a woman, you can :) Be sure to point out and explain things that do not suit you. It is not necessary to avenge, to depict the offended without explanation - it is useless. Be reasonably tough, calm and cold-blooded: "If you want to be with me, let's sit down and find a compromise." This situation does not suit me. "

If you find all these moments in yourself, you can not ask how to become an ideal wife. You already have it! Congratulations to the owner of a happy family life and a loving husband!

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