How to choose a headset

How to choose a headset?

For listening to music and comfortable communicationyou need a good headset. But, how to choose a really good quality headset among such a variety of options? Our article will help you with this. You will find out which headset is better to use for communication, what for the game, and what - for listening to music.

Select the type of headset

Everything depends, first of all, on what you needneed a headset. After all, to listen to your favorite songs are good enough headphones, and, for example, to communicate on skype will also need a microphone. If you plan to just play games late in the evenings and nights, then the requirements to the quality of the headset can be significantly reduced. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the choice of a cheap model very soon can lead to disappointment due to various failures and breakages, and simply because of poor sound quality. Therefore, even when choosing headphones for games, it is necessary to dwell on more or less qualitative variants. Now let's look at each case in more detail.

Headset for games

This, so to speak, the most undemanding option. In order to play at night, it is not necessary to buy expensive headphones - almost any and, of course, without a microphone will do. However, very cheap models are still not recommended, because in half an hour or so you will not be comfortable sitting in these headphones. You can blush and get sick with ears, even start a headache. Therefore, the main thing here is to choose such headphones, in which the head will be free and comfortable. Of course, you need and pay attention to the fact that the headphones were as little as possible extraneous noise. Thus, the ideal option is a mid-priced headset that suits you in terms of comfort. Of course, such headphones (as well as headphones for other activities) must meet other requirements, which we list in the section "Additional Recommendations".

Headset for communication

Here we will need headphones with a microphone. However, you need to choose them carefully. I once burned on these headphones, flattered for a cheap option. As a result of full communication did not work, because, in one of the headphones there was a sound, then some extraneous noise was heard, then it was necessary every now and again to plug the cord into the socket - "in a word, the miser pays twice." Therefore, choose comfortable headphones and do not be greedy - saving a hundred or two, you can then lose a thousand. Check before buying what reviews are on this or that model, if there is an opportunity, test it a little. When communicating, it is very important to hear well the interlocutor, otherwise the conversation will turn into a "spoiled phone". In addition, the head after the headphones should not get tired and sick.

Headset for music lovers

Music lovers will have to shell out a fewon a larger amount than other categories of users, but for this they will get a really first-class headset with the highest sound quality. And, first of all, you need to choose such headphones, the frequency range of which is in the range from 12 Hz and up to 25 kHz. If the frequency range is not enough, then you can hardly enjoy your favorite music in full. If you plan to buy headphones, mainly for listening to music, then buy only wired options. Wireless headphones, first, do not have a sufficient frequency range, and secondly, as a rule, have a low volume. In addition, you will have to charge them quite often, since they have rather weak batteries.

How to choose a headset - additional recommendations

When buying a headset, pay attention to the externaltype of headphones. First, the headphones should be strong enough to not fail if accidentally dropped. Secondly, good headphones should have a long wire (if it is less than three meters, you are unlikely to be comfortable to work or relax with such a headset). Thirdly, the position of the headphones should be regulated in several directions. Ideally, there should be adjustments not only of the bow, but also the rotation of the speakers. And, of course, pay attention to the mobility of the microphone - it should easily adapt to you. The only thing that you need to add: too mobile a microphone, too, should not be chosen, otherwise you can quickly loosen the mount. Fourth, for any purpose, choose a headphone with a clean sound, since the interference will annoy you and have a negative effect on the brain, even during the game. And, finally, fifthly, choose earphones with soft and comfortable pads, because this will determine how long you can rest or work in these headphones. Now a few words about how to choose a bluetooth headset for cell phones and other mobile devices.

How to choose a bluetooth headset

The main advantage of a bluetooth headsetis that when you use it your hands are absolutely free. You can listen, talk, and keep a book or drive at the same time. However, do not rush to buy any such headset. First, look at the weight of the product. If you constantly talk on a mobile phone, this parameter can become decisive for you. So, today there are models whose weight does not exceed 10 grams! Secondly, pay attention to the shape of the bow and the material from which it is made. The product should be ecological, durable and suitable for you in form. Also it is necessary to take into account the design of the behind-the-bows: in good models such fasteners can easily change their shape - depending on the needs of the owner. Well, if you want to listen to music in good quality on the road or during walks, choose stereo headphones. A modern bluetooth headset allows you to communicate and listen to music or radio for a long time without any recharging.

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