How to choose the right ironing board

How to choose the right ironing board?

Previously, the board had only a stand and a case with a lining for ironing. Today, this device can perform much more functions.

The high price may seem unreasonable at first, but those who spend a lot of time ironing can appreciate all the advantages of modern electric ironing systems.

How to choose an ironing board for the house correctly, an overview of the functions, reviews of different systems - we will tell about this in the article. Before buying it is worth considering the features of modern devices, convenient features that allow you to make the work pleasant, stress-free.

First, you should understand the types of boards, functional features.

Types of boards

There are several main types of boards:

  • classic;
  • with integrated socket, extension cord;
  • with ironing system.

Classic non-electric boards

This model, familiar to many, has been known for many years, our grandmothers used such devices.A simple board does not have additional functions, it may include:

  • iron stand,
  • ironing rack,
  • a special platform for ironing the sleeves.

Models differ in shape, size, strength. Many of these boards have height adjustment, allowing you to adapt to human growth. The indisputable advantage of the model is a small price.

Sleeve platform - a small fixture mounted on the table. The oblong shape, compact size of the platform help to iron small, narrow details:

  • cuffs,
  • pant legs
  • sleeves without arrows.

The cost of the platform is low, but the fixture cannot replace traditional boards, it serves only to facilitate ironing of some items of clothing. The device can be bought separately, but often they are sold as a kit. In some models, the platform may be part of the tabletop.

Models with socket, extension

Some models include built-in components:

  • electrical outlet
  • extension.

The solution of the advantages:

  1. eliminates the need to connect the iron directly to a wall outlet;
  2. reduces the risk of cable entanglement;
  3. iron plug is included in the built-in outlet, iron cord is long;
  4. allows you to put the board away from the power source.

Electric ironing systems

Modern electric ironing systems have many additional functions:

  • system of removal of excess steam - allows you to quickly remove steam from the surface, the air circulation function is provided, thanks to the built-in fan;
  • surface heating - allows clothes to be put in the closet immediately after ironing, even when using steam;
  • blowing system allows you to stroke the fabric without folds, as if on an air cushion; built-in air blower fan allows you to iron delicate fabrics without touching the surface;
  • smooth height adjustment - allows you to adjust the height depending on individual needs;
  • steam hose holder - allows you to conveniently position the hose so that it does not interfere with or twist;
  • indicator showing lack of water;
  • vacuum function reliably fixes laundry on the surface;
  • capacity for storage of the iron with the place for a cable;
  • indicator light showing steam readiness;
  • switching by means of buttons - function is applicable only to modern ironing systems, provides additional protection.

Ironing systems are made of durable materials, have chrome-plated frames, multi-layer coating, resistant to high temperature.

Most modern ironing systems are automated, equipped with a steam station, the cost of devices ranges from 35,000 rubles. They are offered by many well-known manufacturers, for example:

  • Becker,
  • Kärcher.

Frame material, surface

Before purchasing, you should pay attention to the material from which the frame is made, the surface of the board. Electric models are usually made from more expensive, durable materials.

Rack or frame

The rack is usually made of steel. Modern steel alloys - high quality materials, durable, allow to ensure the stability of the structure. Quality expensive boards made of steel with anti-corrosion coating.

The metal construction is durable, but its durability is determined by the quality of the coating. There are several coverage options:

  1. polyester powder compositions that protect the surface from corrosion, allowing it to look decorative;
  2. phosphate coating;
  3. chrome plating.

It is not recommended to buy models with a metal, steel frame, not protected from rust.

Some models are made of plastic. The plastic frame is much lighter, durable, but less stable.

Surface or table top

Table tops boards are often made from:

  • DSP;
  • Hardboard;
  • metal, steel mesh;
  • aluminum;
  • high-quality thermoplastic in expensive models.

Until recently, chipboard countertops were common. The disadvantage of chipboard - weight (heavy, inconvenient to move).

Metal, steel gratings are more popular. Their advantages are as follows:

  • weigh more easily;
  • make it easier to remove steam through the holes, moisture does not accumulate under the coating, as sometimes happens in the case of chipboard.

The news on the market is electrical systems with an aluminum surface. The use of aluminum, resistant to heat, water, allows you to equip the device with various additional functions:

  • surface heating
  • steam exhaust

Cover selection

The surface of the tabletop has a special coating - a cover.

Functions of the case:

  • protects the material from which the structure is made;
  • increases the comfort of ironing.

Most covers are made from cotton. Cotton is a natural material with useful properties:

  • resistant to high temperatures;
  • permeable to water;
  • does not hold steam, which is important when ironing frequently with steam.

It is important that the coating has at least 2 layers:

  1. cover (usually cotton),
  2. filler, for example, from batting, felt.

High-quality case makes ironing comfortable, efficient. If there is no good cover, it should be purchased separately. It is advisable to buy a case of the same manufacturer, it is easier to choose the size, in other cases, finding the size is problematic. Conveniently, if the cover is removable, just removed, then it is easy to wash.

The choice of shape, size, frame design

The choice of models is wide: from low hose platforms installed on the table to large boards measuring 60 × 160 centimeters, on which you can iron almost everything. The choice must meet individual needs. The larger countertop,the more space it takes place even when folded. You need to think in advance where to install the board.

Choose a form

Choosing the shape of the tabletop, it is worth remembering:

  • The tabletop with a conical tip facilitate ironing cuffs, sleeves.
  • Models with a very wide, long tabletop are convenient, if you often need to iron the bedspreads, sheets, curtains, tablecloths, but for ironing clothes wide boards are less convenient.
  • Comfortable ironing of clothes will allow a table-top in the size not less than 100 × 30 cm.

The choice of size, frame design

The frame should be stable. Stability is affected by the shape, width of the structure. A good frame has the following properties:

  • not staggering;
  • wide enough, provides stability even in the case of a small movement;
  • leg diameter of at least 20 mm;
  • the legs have rubber non-slip tips that make ironing safe;
  • has a lock that prevents the accidental movement of the structure, provides stability;
  • It is possible to adjust (preferably smoothly) and set the tabletop at the right height for a particular person. The best models can go down to 30 cm, increase the height to 1 m.

For supporters to iron while sitting, one should make sure that the chosen board can be adjusted so as to reduce the worktop to the level of the person sitting on the chair. It is important to pay attention to all the bolts that connect the frame, to see if they are durable, not loose. This is important for safety.

Accessories, functions

Modern ironing boards include a range of useful accessories. Consider them.

Iron Stand, Antenna

The stand happens:

  1. sliding;
  2. fixed, with guide wire, the guide wire is attached to the side of the table top.

The stand is useful, allows you to not be afraid that the iron left inadvertently will burn a hole. She ismust be made of a stable high quality material (metal, steel) with additional protection (blocking) so that the iron does not slip off, causing burns, other injuries.

The antenna (wire holder) will help the wire not to get tangled under your feet, not to twist. Is the antenna so useful? Opinions, reviews are divided, many believe that if you learn to use the antenna correctly, it is useful.

Stand under the steam station

If a steam station is used, it is worth choosing a model that allows placing the station on a special stand. This provides the necessary stability, stability of the steam station, safety of use.

Socket with extension cord

You can connect the iron to the outlet by setting the board away from the power source. You can avoid a situation where a short iron cable will cause ironing difficulties.

Shelf for ironed clothes

The shelf on some models is located at the bottom of the frame. Comfortable shelf allows you to not be distracted by folding things in the closet every time.

Sleeve Ironing Platform

The platform is of 2 types:

  1. attached to the structure;
  2. separate fixture mounted on the tabletop.

Without a platform, it is rather difficult to iron trousers, cuffs, to iron narrow sleeves without arrows. The device can be purchased separately.

Manufacturers and prices

Popular companies producing ironing boards:

  • Barabantia;
  • DeLonghi;
  • Euroflex;
  • Karcher;
  • Leifheit;
  • Meliconi;
  • P & P;
  • Top House;
  • Vileda

In addition to the above brands, there are many worthy producers who produce high quality goods in different price categories.

The price range is from 500 rubles. for simple models up to 35,000 rubles. for modern multifunctional ironing systems. The lowest price can be paid for non-electric models made of inexpensive materials with a cotton cover. A classic, stable board is simpler, cheaper, but a modern ironing system can make boring long work easy and enjoyable. It makes no sense to spend thousands on a device whose functions will not be constantly used.

Conclusion, reviews

When choosing a board, you should consider the following important points:

  1. the coating must be at least two layers;
  2. the presence of a stable frame;
  3. wide, non-slip feet,
  4. the presence of a secure lock;
  5. the holder is convenient for the iron, it is necessary to check its stability;
  6. it is important to choose the right size;
  7. you need to determine in advance the place where the board will be removed after use.

Below you can leave feedback, which board showed itself well in operation.

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  • How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board

    How to choose the right ironing board