How to connect disks

How to connect disks?

Hard drives are devices on whichall information is stored. Hard drives are made on the principle of magnetic recording. How to connect disks? In order to combine two hard drives into one, you need to use a RAID array. Since the data types can differ significantly among themselves, the choice of the desired array depends on the desired result.

Connecting a RAID controller

How to connect a hard drive? First, you need to study the technical specifications of the motherboard used. After, if you learned that the motherboard does not support the ability to create an array without auxiliary devices, purchase a RAID controller. After connecting it to the computer, you must select the type of RAID array. From this step, your subsequent actions depend.

Types of RAID arrays

In the case where there are only two hard disks, you cancreate only two types of arrays: RAID 1 and RAID 0. Using the first, you thereby prevent the loss of important data. The size of the merged drive will depend on the size of the smaller hard drive. And, in the event that 1 of the disks is defective, all the necessary information will be stored on the second one.

If you use the second one, you get 1 total volume. Its size will depend on the parameters of both hard drives. This type of array is suitable for creating a large local disk.

The procedure for combining hard disks

How to connect two disks? To do this, you must connect the hard disks to the motherboard or RAID controller. After that, you need to turn on the computer, and to enter the BIOS, press the Del key. Then, select the Boot Device tab. After that, you need to find the Disk Mode item and activate the RAID parameter. Then, you need to press the F10 key and save the settings.

After this operation, you must restarta computer. After the computer has finished booting, the synchronous operation menu for the hard disks should appear. There, you need to specify the type of the array being created. When configuring RAID 0, you need to specify your primary hard drive. Then, you should save the parameter changes and reboot the computer again. After the done procedure, you can start installing a new operating system.

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