How to draw Patrick

How to draw Patrick?

Who does not remember the funny, not very differentthe mental abilities of a friend SpongeBob - a starfish with a cool name Patrick Star. His appearance is a typical image of a starfish, but our Patrick is also a luminous smile and mischievous eyes that need to be depicted in the picture. How to draw Patrick?

Step 1: Draw the Star

On a sheet of paper, we first draw an ovoidThe figure, which will then be reincarnated in the trunk of our star hero. From the received circle we spend four lines - 2 for hands, 2 for legs, and one more from the middle of the top part of a circle - for a head.

Step 2: Draw the main shape

We draw a line (over the line thatintended for the head), which is similar to either a sinusoidal one, this is for those who are already familiar with this mathematical term, or on a mountain - it is clear that the line should be curved like a top, and on the tentacles of the star that we are depicting.

Step 3: Draw a face

Let's start drawing wonderful eyes of Patrick. We draw by all the rules with pupils and thick, scattered in different directions of the brow. Now draw a wide and sunny smile. You can draw an open mouth with a tongue to convey great emotions.

Step 4: Finishing

Draw the hand itself-the sides of the star. Do not forget about a very picturesque tummy. We dress our wonderful friend in short panties.

It is possible to decorate. Getting must be original and beautiful - smiling "stars" in funny pants. Now you know how to draw Patrick step by step.

How to draw Patrick

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