How to grow a pumpkin in your garden

How to grow a pumpkin in your garden

Pumpkin is often found on ourand is a very respected vegetable. And all thanks to its nutritional properties. After all, the pumpkin contains 2-20% of sugar and 15-20% of starch. And also phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, etc. Due to the fact that the pumpkin contains a large amount of potassium, it is highly recommended to use in cardiovascular diseases. This is her pumpkin, the cultivation and care of which must be considered in more detail.

This is an annual plant with a powerful rootsystem, and the main root of the pumpkin bush is able to penetrate into the earth by 1.5-2 meters. And its stems can reach a length of 5-6 meters. Due to the fact that the pumpkin leaves are large enough, moisture is actively evaporating from their surface. This becomes especially noticeable during the period of its vegetation. It is for this reason that the pumpkin needs abundant watering. So, how to grow a pumpkin?

Pumpkin cultivation, in principle, does not representnothing difficult. However, there are some nuances. Therefore, truck farmers often suffer the question: "How to grow a pumpkin"? I must say that basically in our country they grow a solid and large-fruited pumpkin. These varieties are most resistant to colds. Although, in the southern regions are often grown and nutmeg type pumpkin.

To make the harvest good, before plantingit is necessary to determine the place, and also choose the most optimal method of pumpkin fertilization in the process of its growth. In principle, it can grow on any soil, but the best yields are obtained if the pumpkin grows on light medium-loamy soils fed with organic fertilizers.

On the site under the planting of pumpkin soil is dug upon the bayonet bayonet in depth, and at a rate of 1 sq.m. area in the soil is applied organic fertilizer. If the soil is too heavy, then it is advisable to add crushed straw or sawdust previously moistened in urea to it.

Before planting seeds, they must be germinated. As a rule, 5-6 days before sowing the seeds, they are placed in warm water for a couple of hours, after which they are wrapped in moist matter and stored until planting in room conditions.

But how to grow a pumpkin in the soil that is stilldid not get warm to the right temperature? The main thing here is not to rush with planting seeds, but to wait until the soil warms up to +13. . 14 degrees. Otherwise, the planted seeds will simply freeze and disappear. Although, even if they manage to ascend, the sprouts will be weak and can easily perish from disease. Lay seeds in the soil should be at a depth of 3-5 cm, observing the distance between them per meter.

Due to the fact that pumpkin is a thermophilic andlight plant, plant seeds best on small elevations, the height of which reaches 15-20 cm. Such a method of planting is relevant in order to protect the pumpkin from possible frost in the spring and to provide the plant with the maximum amount of light. And how to grow a pumpkin seedling and is it possible at all? In principle, perhaps, however, we must take into account the fact that the harvest will have to be collected early.

During the growth of the pumpkin, it followsperiodically care, i.e. from time to time to loosen the soil, water only with warm water and feed these vegetables with mineral (nitrogenous) fertilizers. To make the harvest of the pumpkin good, it must be molded. Usually it is done in 1-2 stems, and all the other stems must be cut after their appearance. On the main branch should remain no more than 3 ovaries, and its top should be prischipnut. If after these procedures new flowers will appear, they should be cut off neatly. The length of the pedicel of the fruit cut during harvest should be 5-6 cm. Otherwise, the fruits will rot during storage.

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  • How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden How to grow a pumpkin in your garden