How to make a paper cracker

How to make a paper cracker?

Probably, many of us remember that carefreeschool time, when we came up with a lot of fun entertainment: played stupidly on liners from chewing gum, chased the ball in the yard (the boys), jumped over the elastic (girls) and made from paper great bombs and crackers. That's how to make a cracker out of paper, we'll talk today.

How to make a single cracker

We take a blank sheet of any format (tetrad, A4,A3, small, large). Now you need to bend it in half and bend the corners on all four sides to the middle, so that the shape of the hexagon is formed. Next, bend this figure along the line inward. After that, you need to bend the figure once again in half, but this time across, and unbend it back - we need only the fold line here. Now it will be clear why we needed to do this. The next step is to bend both edges (right and left) inward to this fold line, and then unbend it back - so we will have three fold lines - a transverse line and two skew lines.

Now, the most important part of the work. Expand the future clapper to yourself with a small part and bend it in three places like this: where the transverse fold line, you need to bend it outward, and on oblique lines inside. At us it will turn out as though two triangular ends, connected among themselves by a crosspiece.

In principle, the cracker is ready, there are onlylearn to use it. For this, we take the cracker with the fingers for the triangular ends. So that the inside looked forward. Now we pull the hand forward so that the inside of the flapper, which is bent, flies out with a loud popping sound.

And finally one recommendation. In order to make a really good cracker, do not take a good sheet of paper on it. It will be best to take an album sheet. Of course, you can use the usual tetrad, however, in this case, the sound from the cracker will not be as spectacular as if we took a more compact A4 album sheet and even more so A3.

How to make a double cracker

We showed you how to make the most simplecracker - single. Once you learn how to make such a cracker, you can move on to a more complex version - a double flapper. To do this, again take a blank sheet and bend all 4 corners in one direction. Now bend the sheet across, and then bend it again, but already along, so that on one side there is a sharp part, and on the other - a straight line to which the fold goes. Now the right and left "wing" of the crackers alternately put inside and bend in half. The result is a more powerful double cracker, with which it will be much more fun to entertain, and you need to use it just like a single one.

And of course, do not regret for a double crackera good sheet of paper - then the sound is just "killer". Just do not forget that not everyone can be frightened by such a "weapon". Someone just might become ill, but someone can remember this and put a bad evaluation on you later. Well, now you know almost everything about how to make a paper cracker.

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