How to sew a blanket

How to sew a blanket?

Want to know how to make a blanket? After all, the blanket is the most important sleeping accessory on your bed. It simultaneously and warms, and provides evaporation of a moisture. The body under the blanket should "breathe". This article gives instructions on how to sew a blanket at home.

How to sew a blanket yourself

A blanket having an artificial filler,has a number of advantages over wadding and down products. Synthetic blanket is definitely lighter than cotton. It is easier to wash, unlike a duvet, and dries quickly.

For sewing you will need a sintepon (measurelength and width of the blanket) and fabric (two areas of the blanket with allowances for seams). Also, you can not do without a tailor's ruler and a square. Prepare for work a sewing machine, needles with threads and scissors. Let's start:

  • Determine the length and width of the blanket. Take the sintepon and cut out the rectangle you need. By the way, you can sew a multi-layer blanket. In this case, the product will go several times more synthon. It may happen that the width of the sintepon will be less than the width of the future blanket. Therefore, you need to cut another strip of the necessary size and sew it to the main piece with the help of a frequent stitch "forward needle". So do all the layers.
  • It is necessary to combine all the pieces of sinteponfriend, aligning the edges in such a way that none of them acted. Next, sweep together the pieces along the diagonals (seam "forward the needle"). It is necessary to sweep the blanket over the edge.
  • From the fabric should be 2 rectangles,equal in area blanket. Consider allowances for seams. Sew together the prepared pieces of fabric and stitch them (fold them face-down inside). Leave one short side unsplit. Remove the resulting cover and iron it.
  • Insert the synthon gasket into the cover. Align each side of the gasket with the side seams of your cover and pin the gasket with pins. Inside, bend the sections of the unshielded side. They need to be stitched, while capturing the gasket.
  • It is necessary to stretch the blanket, grabbinggasket, along all lateral seams. You need to map the line in 5-10 centimeters from each edge and stitch the product again. Sketch mentally several horizontal or vertical lines and on them quilt a blanket.

How to sew a quilt

For the product, with the front side of different in color pieces of fabric, you will need a coarse three colors, satin in two colors, sintepon and satin ribbon.

This manual gives an idea of ​​how to sew a blanket from shreds:

  • Determine the size of the blanket and the squares of which it will consist. Next, you should draw a color scheme of the future product.
  • You need to cut the squares. Each of them consists of three elements: the upper part, the padding from the synthepon and the lower part.
  • After this, you need to add each squareas follows: from below, face up the lower part, then sintepon and face down the top. The square should be stitched on the machine from three sides, and then turn it off. Sew the fourth part. Repeat with all the squares.
  • Align all the square parts in the drawing according to the scheme and sweep each other. On the machine, stitch with a seam "zigzag" or "over the edge." When picking, sew on the edge of the satin ribbon.
  • The reverse side can be monochrome or consist of shreds.

Now you know how to make a blanket. Using imagination and diligence, you can sew a very original blanket, which will be useful in everyday life.

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