How to stand on the gate

How to stand on the gate?

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How to stand on the gate?

Football is a very exciting sport game. Each player has his own specific task in the game, for example, the goalkeeper must block the ball from entering the goal, thereby saving his team from the heads, and accordingly, from losing.

To be a good goalkeeper, you need to know how to stand properly at the gate. Immediately with this skill you can not be born, but you can learn. So, after all, how to learn to stand on the gate.

Learning to stand properly on the gate

The main psychological aspect of actionThe goalkeeper is the lack of fear of the ball. The ball should not be dodged, hiding or turning away. The goalkeeper must constantly monitor the ball, and that, in the case when he will fly on him, be able to reflect the blow in time.

Yes, the ball can get a very painful blow,But to avoid it, you need to overlap. This is done quite simply: the right hand should cover the groin, and the left solar plexus and nose. However, you can change your hands. But you do not need to stand like this all the time. The goalkeeper must have a well-developed reaction to the ball: to guess his direction and be able to repel the attack. Goalkeeper reaction is best to train with a partner: he beats on goal from different distances, and you try not to let the ball hit the goal.

To know how to stand on the gate, you need bothyou can train more often. The technique of playing the goalkeeper largely depends on the size of the gate. Basically, on our football grounds, there are gates that have small dimensions, that is, mini-football. So first let's see how to properly stand on such gates.

Learning goalkeeper technique

If the game you are performing the role of the goalkeeper, then youit is better to take a position in the center of the goal, and if your view is obscured by another player from the floor, then you need to move a little closer to the bar or ask to move the player. You, as a goalkeeper, must definitely keep the ball in sight.

  • If you see that the ball is heading straight foryou, then in the case of a weak blow, you can try to catch the ball. In addition, you can try to hit the ball in the ground, directly, in front of your legs, and then catch it.
  • If you see that the blow is strong enough,then it will be better to fight off, but it is recommended to beat it aside and not in front of you. To do this, respectively, you need to point your hands to the side.

As for the blows, the ball is directed atat the corner of the gate, then such strikes are considered to be one of the most difficult. If the ball with such a blow flies approximately at the level of the goalkeeper's head, or slightly higher than it, and also at the level of the body, to reflect this blow it will be enough to draw the hand that is closer to the ball to the side, and if you do not reach this way before the ball, then you can take one step towards finding the ball. The body must be stretched in the same direction.

If a faint blow is expected, then you can use two steps to move to the side, so that the ball flew right into you. Thus, the blow will reflect much easier, and you can even catch it.

Another important point is that the goalkeeper's feet should always be slightly bent in the knees, as this will help him to take steps on the sides much faster.

Blows when the ball goes low, the goalkeeper is betterto reflect with your feet. In the event that the low kick is aimed at the corner part of the gate, it is necessary to make a lunge to the side, and then pull it out to get it to the bar, the other leg must be bent so that you can sit on it. For securing, you need to stretch your arms towards the movement of the ball, as it can jumping over, jumping your foot, and also so that you can in time repel a blow that goes above your foot.

You can also learn how to stand at the gate to a video dedicated to the game of football. Good luck in the game!

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