How to write Roman numerals in the Word

How to write Roman numerals in the "Word"

We all used to use Arabic numerals -1, 2, 3, etc. But nevertheless, there is a need to write and Roman - I, II, III and so on. For example, when we specify a certain age, it is better to write it using this system.

But many may wonder howenter Roman numerals in the "Word". Because they are not on the keyboard. This is exactly what will be discussed in the article. We will consider all possible ways of writing Roman numerals in the program "Word". Some of them are very simple and will allow you to write quickly, while others, on the contrary, seem useless, as they take a lot of time.

Roman numerals in the Word

Using the English keyboard

Now we will consider the simplest method, asyou can enter Roman numerals in the "Word". It is to use English letters. The fact is that the Roman numerals are similar to the Latin alphabet. So, the Roman numeral "5" looks like the English letter "V", and ten - as "X". Well, the pattern is clear. The main thing here is to know the construction of Roman numerals, and the rest is a trifle.

Of course, besides this, you need to switchkeyboard layout in English. Most users know how to do this, and for the newcomers, we now explain. The first method is using ALT + SHIFT hot keys or CTRL + SHIFT, depending on your system. Also you can use a special indicator on the taskbar, its location can be seen in the image.

insert in the Roman numerals

The third one is useful if you have the 8th or 10th version of Windows. If this is the case, then you can, by pressing the WIN key, press the SPACEBAR and the language will change.

Using CTRL + F9

There is another way how you can insert intoThe "Vord" Roman numerals. It is a bit more complicated than the previous one, and it takes a little more time, but if you are not strong in building Roman values, it is invented especially for you.

We will use the field codes. To activate them, press CTRL + F9 - two curly braces appear. Between them, you need to enter the expression "321 * Roman", so that you get "{= 321 * Roman}". Instead of digits "321" enter the number that should be converted to Roman. As soon as you do, press F9, and the specified number will fit in Roman numerals.

Using the symbol table

And now we turn to the most useless methodhow you can enter Roman numerals in the "Word". You can do this using the symbol table. In fact, we will enter Latin letters, as in the first method, but we will do it through a special window with symbols.

So, first you need to open it. To do this, go to the "Insert" tab and on the toolbar (at the very end) find the "Symbol" button, press it - the menu will appear. In it, select "Other symbols ..." - a symbol window will open.

In it, find the Roman numerals, they are English letters, and selecting the necessary ones, click the "Insert" button. To make it easier to search, you can select "Main Latin" in the "Set" drop-down list.

Using the code mark

Now we will use the code of the sign in order to enter the Roman numerals in the 2003 Vord. Although this method is suitable for other versions, but we will consider it in 2003.

Here is a list of Roman numerals and codes to them:

  • I-0049.
  • X-0058.
  • V-0056.
  • M-004D.
  • C-0043.
  • L-004C.

Now you need to place the cursor in the right place, enter the code there, and then press ALT + X. Once you do this, the code will turn into the desired Roman numeral.

Roman numerals in Word 2003

With the help of ALT-code

Now consider another way how to insertRoman numerals in the "Word" using the code. Only this time the code is called ALT-code. The essence is almost the same as in the previous method, but there are some differences, which we will now talk about.

First, the code of each digit is different, and secondly, it is necessary to introduce it differently.

First, let's list the codes and numbers themselves:

Roman numerals in Word 2003

  • 73 - I.
  • 88 - X.
  • 86 to V.
  • 77 - M.
  • 67 - C.
  • 76 - L.

So, we know the code, we only need to enter it. To do this, start the code by holding down the ALT key. After you release ALT, the number you need corresponds to the code you entered. Note that the code must be typed on the numeric keypad on the right.

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