Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive

"Lada Kalina Cross": owner feedback, photo, test drive

The worse the condition of roads in our country, theHigher machines are needed to drive through them. This rule is known to many motorists. However, the higher the clearance, the more expensive the car. But this does not apply to passenger cars, which after some improvements are higher and get an increased ground clearance. They brought this car out to AvtoVAZ, too, presenting an off-road vehicle based on Lada Kalina to the automobile community. Let's see what came of it. Very interestingly, what it is - "Lada Kalina Cross", the owners' reviews about it, and photos of the appearance and interior.

Some sources among AvtoVAZ employeesargue that the machine was designed very quickly. Position this novelty as a station wagon and crossover. It is noted that the corners of the congress and entrance, as well as clearance, are in no way inferior to quite serious off-road vehicles.


The new Lada Kalina Cross is responsible for its appearance to the chief designer of the plant.

fret viburnum cross reviews of the owners

Steve Martin did a good job. The design at first sight seems not too convoluted, but if you look closely, the body looks quite harmonious, and even attractive. Speaking more frankly, it is difficult to call this model independent. The crossover practically does not differ from the passenger car in its standard version.

The car has become a little higher, but it does not at all seem that this is a clunky metal box. The body will paint only in three colors - it's metallic silver, white and orange.

There are only a few minor differencescar "Lada Kalina Cross". The owners' comments allowed to notice the new bumper, the presence of black protective linings on the sides of the body, as well as wider wheel arches. In addition, the rear lights are slightly enlarged.


All that makes of this car crossover, is located behind.fret viburnum cross reviews Here the body has a large width. Also passableness gives out a rather massive overlay on the bumper. However, even with all the attributes that distinguish serious SUVs, just by looking at the car "Lada Kalina Kross" 4x4, reviews of it, we can conclude that you should not even think about the roads, even light. The overhang of the front part makes it impossible to move from the asphalt to the primer, even despite the increased ground clearance. Although, test drives, which were conducted by reputable automotive publications, assure that the car can drive off-road.

"Kalina Cross": design is better than Chinese

In general, the car looks quite good. One of the main achievements of the chief designer is that the appearance of the model turned out to be much better than the craftsmen from the Celestial Empire came up with. In "Kalina Cross" and in the mention there is nothing Asian - rather in style the body resembles some models from Renault. Experts say that people in the models from VAZ do not immediately recognize the domestic car industry.

Absence of competitors

According to the experts, direct competitors have"Kalina" in this format practically does not exist. To some extent, one of the competitors can become Sandero Stepway. And there are a lot of examples to follow.

As well as on other all-wheel-drive station wagons, the Lada Kalina Kross car (the owners' testimonials fully confirm this) have protective plastic parts of the body around the perimeter.

freta viburnum cross test drive

In the past, chrome lining on the thresholds,doors, and a radiator grille have now become black. This emphasizes the utilitarian orientation, as well as some brutality of the model. Moldings are very wide. They essentially decorate the doors. They have a stamp with the name of the model.

Plastic does not only perform decorative functions. Having double fasteners, these plastic parts perfectly protect the body and paintwork from various mechanical damages.

As the developers of the machine "Lada KalinaCross "(the owners' reviews also note this), this car is not bought because there is not enough money for a better one. Now VAZ creates cars that can compete successfully with the products of foreign companies.


Getting inside, it immediately seems that everything in thiscar was developed in order to get rid of conservative traditions as much as possible. The future owner will see bright orange inserts almost everywhere. They are decorated with a steering wheel, door trim, seats, and ventilation grilles.

If you discuss the shortcomings in the car"Lada Kalina Kross", testimonials attest to the absence of adjustments to the departure of the steering wheel. Also highlight the low quality of upholstery materials. On the cushions the folds and the first scuffs appear after a few days.

In general, do not wait for anything new ininterior decoration. The salon is the usual "Kalina". The look immediately clings to inexpressive plastic, a simple dashboard also does not differ any aesthetics. But the assembly is quite high quality. The gaps are small, there are no crickets or creaks.


Did not leave the seats unattended. So, the frame was slightly modified, and the design of the chair changed slightly. The creators turned out to accent lateral and lumbar support. To improve the comfort of the driver and passengers on long voyages, specialists applied a more dense filler. When the driver overcomes a sharp turn, passengers no longer need to look for another point of support.

An overview of the feces of a viburnum cross

No one else slips out of the seats. In the car "Lada Kalina Cross", test drive which was held immediately after the presentation, sit very comfortable and comfortable.

But, there is a small nuance. Comfortably in the armchairs there will be people of medium build. If the person is larger, then he will have to get used to the side parts of the seats, which slightly rest against the back. But all this is permissible for a car from the budget class. The rear sofa is quite spacious for two.

falta kalina cross owners reviews with photos

Although the manufacturer claims that the salonit is designed for five, it will not be convenient to fit behind the three passengers. There are a lot of places for feet, above the head is also quite free. The volume of the luggage compartment, in spite of the body-wagon, a little disappointing. It is only 240 liters.


Finally, the salon review (Lada Kalina Kross)will become interesting. As already noted, the creators have raised the clearance by as much as 2.5 mm. Now the ground clearance is 210 mm. This was achieved thanks to the revised suspension and the use of gas shock absorbers. The role of tires in increasing the clearance is, but it is minimal. Large wheels forced designers to increase wheel arches.

falta kalina cross 4x4 reviews

Now they will operate discs at 15 '. Engineers improved and crankcase protection - now it more reliably protects engine parts from various damages. But protection is not a reason to ride carelessly. It is not worthwhile, in spite of the patency, to storm the "Kalina" high curbs.


The passage must necessarily be supplementedsufficient tractive effort. Under the hood you can find one of the two power units. There will be no surprises. As before, only gasoline units of volumes of 1.6 liters are used.

The first motor develops up to 106 liters. from. The second is the weaker one - he has 20 horses less.

freckle kalina cross fuel consumption

It has a torque of 140 Nm at3800 vol. In addition to the power difference in these units in the number of valves. More powerful - 16-valve. The engines are generally quite good and quite elastic. The ascent can be felt after 2 thousand vol. And after 3 thousand you can feel even picking up. In the city and in the country by car "Lada Kalina Kross" fuel consumption differs by 3 liters. But it does not exceed 8.5 l / 100 km.


Motors work with a mechanical five-speedCAT. The Kalina Cross machine will be installed, but not soon. The transmission is equipped with a cable drive. In the main gear, the engineers replaced the gears. This allowed a little increase in the transmission ratio. This is a fairly effective solution, when it is necessary to increase the permeability.

Automotive equipment

"Lada Kalina Kross" is still only offered inone complete set is "Norma". There is an airbag, climate control, front heated seats, an audio system. For safety and control, there is ABS.

All information about the state of the car is displayedto the monitor. Multisystem confidently plays video and audio files. As for additional gadgets, you can connect a rear-view camera to the system. The conditioner is created specially for the domestic climate. The sound insulation is improved, but the tire tires are very noisy. Also about the car "Lada Kalina Kross" reviews are actively left on the sound quality of the sound system.

Driving characteristics

High ground clearance and new gas shock absorbers gaveits fruits. If you quickly move on the asphalt, the car perfectly keeps the trajectory. If you dynamically move the steering wheel, then the reaction is also good. In general, on the asphalt, this "crossover" is going very well - there are rolls, but small, you feel good feedback from the road on the steering wheel.

On uneven surfaces the car "Kalina Kross" tooRides well. Dense suspension, which used to be in the luxury "Kalinas", in this model was even more useful. But if the roads turn into bad roads, the situation changes.

With the rapid crossing of recumbent policemen or"Waves", racks literally shoot and at the same time they make a lot of noise. On the country track, the car also goes to a surprise, perfectly. Off-road geometry is enough for comfort, but the racks are failing. And to go fast - scary.

The efficiency of the brake system has not changed objectively, but the deceleration is quite pleasant.

The brake pedal no longer fails, and the pads "grasp" even with minimal effort.

The engines clearly lack the dynamics, so goon overtaking on this "crossover" is undesirable, and sometimes dangerous. If the driver still decides to overtake a wagon that is moving at 90 km / h, then he will have to squeeze gas for a very long time to get the right speed "Lada Kalina Kross". Test drive in the city showed that it's best to start overtaking in third gear.

Owner feedback

In general, expect from this car too much- this is mistake. But if you drop all compromises and shortcomings, then the machine is excellent. True, some owners still have claims to the manufacturer. Every now and then something goes wrong, the pounding knocks, and also minor, annoying troubles. When we are going to buy a car "Lada Kalina Kross", the owners' feedback from the photo is the first thing that needs to be studied.

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  • Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive Lada Kalina Cross: owner feedback, photo, test drive