LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo

LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo

Outdoor lighting should be organized withspecific requirements. Reliability, operational safety and durability are the main features that LED street light should meet. In addition, lighting for outdoor lighting should be aesthetic. Let's consider, what there are modern fixtures for street.

Key Features

LED Street Lighting Lamp

LED outdoor lighting equipment should be:

  1. Maximum protected from aggressive influences and natural factors in the form of moisture, dust, sudden temperature changes.
  2. Fixtures must have a safety index of at least IP 44.
  3. When choosing equipment, the calculation of stress plays an important role.
  4. The LED street lighting fixture can be used both for full illumination of the street, park, suburban area, and for highlighting stairs, bushes, trees.

Popular types

LED Industrial Light

Street lighting devices are classified according to several signs:

  • Style. Most of the equipment is performed in classical, eastern, ethnic or modern styles.
  • Number of plafonds. It can be one, but often the designs are supplemented with just a few plafonds.
  • The luminaire of LED street lighting can have a plafond of any shape;
  • Installation method: modern lighting equipment can be floor, suspended, built-in or wall-mounted.

What source of lighting?

As a source of illumination in the modernlighting equipment for outdoor installation may be different means. Let's consider the lighting sources, which are equipped with modern street lamps:

  • incandescent lamps: for outdoor use, this is not the most convenient option, since too much energy is consumed;
  • energy-saving lamps serve for a long time and allow saving on energy;
  • LED lamps are most often equipped with outdoor LED lights and spotlights. They are economical, durable in operation, besides they allow creating various decorative effects.


Street LED lights and spotlights

Lamps of this type are a classic solution,which is a plafond-augmented stance, with the plafond on top. These devices are presented in a wide variety of design solutions that fit into the trends of a variety of styles. In them, the light flux is directed only upwards, so do not install them in small areas. Floor-standing street LED lights and floodlights are used for lighting parks, alleys, and adjacent territory.

Wall Mounted

cantilever street lighting

Wall light fixtures are presented innumerous non-standard variations, which allows to give individuality to the surrounding landscape. They can be used to illuminate a large area or to focus on garden paths and other areas. Walls allow you to transform the surrounding space. In terms of design, the LED street light fixture is a plafond with an armature and a bracket that fastens the appliance to the wall.


calculation of street lighting by LED lights

Suspended lights look like a roomChandelier, which adapts to the aggressive effects of the external environment. These structures are most often attached to the chain. Their main task is to perform decorative lighting of the facade or the adjacent territory. Especially spectacularly look designer lamps in different styles, which allow you to focus on the architectural ensemble of the suburban area. They are created from waterproof glass of high strength and have resistance to corrosion. Suspended LED lights have not the highest power. Thanks to interesting design solutions they are used for decoration of verandas and any other open areas.


Ground lamps are equipment thatmounted directly into the ground: asphalt, concrete, tile. Application of this kind is advisable in homestead territories and garden and park areas, city parks, pedestrian areas and sidewalks, as well as architectural structures, monuments, squares.

Lamps LED with sensor

Modern ground lighting LEDStreet lighting is used to decorate the space more often, since it does not heat up, so it is absolutely safe for children and animals. Installation is carried out when laying road or lawn cover. Sidewalk lamps are an opportunity to circle the path of the garden paths and to illuminate it.


Street lighting equipment of this typewell, because it is not visible during the day, but at night it allows you to create an original light accent. This type is widely used for soil illumination of trees, billboards, stairs, fences, transitions and retaining walls. Recessed luminaires can be installed in public buildings and facilities, manufacturing plants, office and administrative premises. When choosing LED industrial lamps, you need to take into account the increased humidity, harsh temperature conditions, dustiness and the presence of vibrations in the production.

For industrial purposes

LED Power Lights

Industrial lighting equipment mustSelect so that the LED itself does not have glasses. Depending on the direction of light, there is no need to install a diffuser in such devices. A directional luminous flux makes it possible to solve the problem with light pollution in a timely manner. Note that LED industrial light should be selected in accordance with higher requirements.


In street lighting are widely usedcantilever fixtures. Such devices are attached to the lighting support or the wall on the console, so most often needed for the design of roads, refuellings or open areas. For the manufacture of cases use aluminum or steel, and the light sources are hidden under tempered glass or a lens made of polycarbonate. This solution serves as a reliable protection against climatic and mechanical influences. Cantilever street lighting fixtures LED are complemented by mercury lamps of high pressure, sodium or LED. The peculiarity of this lighting equipment is high energy efficiency, service life, absence of pulsations.

In the sphere of housing and communal services,made of reliable materials and protected by special means. To monitor the status of the instrument, built-in motion sensors are used. The LED light with the sensor reacts quickly to the movement of objects that turns on or off the light device. These devices are good in that they can be used in any climatic conditions, with no flickering or pulsations of the light flux.

How to calculate?

To reduce the cost of lighting,you need to competently approach the choice of equipment. And this means that you need to take into account the requirements of the norms, the area of ​​space, under which a certain number of fixtures are selected. A competent calculation of street lighting with LED lights will ensure a high-quality luminous flux taking into account various characteristics.

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  • LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo LED Street Light Fixture: description and photo