Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great

Let's return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of "Arap of Peter the Great"

The person of Peter the Great overgrew with myths and legendseven with his rather stormy life. The emperor differed from his compatriots not only by his high stature and heroic strength, but also by his mentality. The quirks of this, of course, intelligent and far-sighted politicians were, to put it mildly, unusual. Then he calls bells on cannons to pour, then, in an urgent order, all "numeralize" decides. And when a strange creature appeared in his environment, whose skin was unusually black, and his teeth unusually white, the faith of the common people, who for a long time belonged to the emperor with apprehension that he actively serves the dark forces, only strengthened. Studying at school, we had the honor to get acquainted with Pushkin's remarkable work "Arap of Peter the Great", the content of which is very interesting.

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Significance of the work

Pushkin began to write his story in 1827. Of interest is that this is perhaps the first work that represents Pushkin's prose writer. The name "Arap of Peter the Great" was given not by him, but by the editors of Sovremennik, because at the time of publication it was, rather, a sketch rather than a full-fledged literary creation. But the story can not be brief, the content of "Arap of Peter the Great"tells us that Peter played an important role in thethe fate of his pet and even helped his marriage. In fact, this is an artistic fiction. The Emperor could not marry Ibrahimov Petrovich, because at that time he was in a different world ... In general, Pushkin long ago harbored the idea of ​​writing a prose work about the Petrovsky era, which had been carried away for a long time and knowing perfectly well that the works of II Golikov, on which he relied, rather controversial, did not set himself the goal of creating a strictly historical novel. He was more interested in life, traditions, customs and various anecdotes, of which there were many about Petra. Most of all Alexander Sergeevich was interested in the relationship of the king with his mysterious ancestor. What kind of person was he? About this we will tell an excursus on the history (brief). The content of the "Arap of Peter the Great" speaks of the kind of musketeer the Don Juan, brave warrior and intellectual. Character, of course, romantic, Ibrahim Petrovich in the days of Pushkin was an interest for connoisseurs of the great classic.

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Hero's personality

The essence of the short story (short) is "Arap PetraUnfortunately (or maybe, on the contrary, fortunately), it is hardly possible to find a source in which an already short story would be retold literally "in a nutshell" today, but if a schoolboy "threatens" "an essay, and there's no time to read, you can always see a wonderful film" As Tsar Peter therap married, "and some knowledge on the subject of the child will." We can say that this film is not so much a short retelling of the story as a free interpretation , and, applying φ ntaziyu, the student will be able to write good lyrics.

In the center of the plot we see the hero, the behavior andwhose personality is quite typical for literature of those times. A young man who received a brilliant education, possessing exceptional character traits and, of course, in love, turns involuntarily into the intrigues that prevailed in the court of his godfather, the tsar-father Peter the Great. The essence of the conflict is that, being a devoted supporter of both Peter personally and his actions, Ibrahim, actively "involved" in his policy, sets up against himself the entourage of the reforming king. However, in spite of exceptional honesty, decency and adherence to principle, it is impossible to call a man a great man. He is completely deprived of initiative and prefers to be guided even in the matter of his personal life ...

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The plot of the short story

The content of "Arap of Peter the Great" is as follows: the story begins with the fact that Ibrahim, the hero of the war of France against Spain, is involved in a love conflict. Deported from Paris, experiencing a serious heart attack, he returns to Russia, where he is impatiently awaited by the godfather - Emperor Peter the Great. Already well aware of the "exploits" of his pet, the king offers him an interesting "treatment" of the love fever - as soon as possible to become his assistant in the reform of the system. Ibrahim gladly agrees. He also agrees to marry the pretty Natalia Gavrilovna, the daughter of Gavrila Afanasievich Rzhevsky, who was "a native Russian gentleman and could not stand the German spirit." Knowing the nature of Peter, one can easily assume that in this way he wanted to annoy the boyar who irritated him, for which he chose such a rather cynical path ... Unfortunately, the content of the "Arap of Peter the Great" presented in this article (briefly) will hardly awaken a modern teenager wants to get acquainted with the work itself. And it's worth it. Written in an unsurpassed "Pushkin" style, light, somewhat ironic, it is a magnificent example of the great classic's creativity.In a word, the best way is to take and read the "Arap of Peter the Great." The summary, no matter how well it is written, will not allow the reader to penetrate the essence of this work.

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  • Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great Lets return to the school curriculum (brief): the content of Arap of Peter the Great