Moscow taxi rating: customer reviews

Moscow taxi rating: customer reviews

Sociologists say that the impression of a tourist abouta new city or country is formed in the first few hours after arrival. Therefore, we can conclude that the rating of Moscow taxis, compiled by passengers, it is useful to know all who are going to visit the Russian capital in the near future.rating of taxis of moscow

What are the criteria for the opinion of the taxis?

It is important for a passenger to reach his destination fromcomfort and on time. But besides this, very many moments impress the passengers. For companies that are engaged in transportation, it is very important to view customers, because they form a taxi rating (Moscow) reviews of passengers.

First of all, the person who called the taxi,notes the courtesy of the dispatcher. A pleasant voice and kind words can raise the mood for the whole day. Conversely, a rough and incompetent speech of the operator is able to discourage a person from calling this taxi taxi moscow rating

The next moment is a timely submissioncar. If a person is in a hurry, especially on a train, plane or an important meeting, he hopes that the taxi will arrive on time and quickly deliver it to the place. But what a disappointment, when this does not happen, and the client is late!

In addition, the opinion of the passenger is influenced by thecar: clean whether the cabin, whether it has any foreign smells (cigarette smoke or alcohol), whether there is a child seat (if the trip with children), whether the trunk is free, the vehicle is working and much more. The customer pays money, which means he wants to drive a good car, do not breathe cigarette smoke and do not wait for the driver to adjust the operation of one of the car's systems. These nuances are required to control the best taxis in Moscow.

Passenger feedback also relies on communication withdriver. Perhaps he was rude, untidy or vice versa, looked presentable and communicated with the client politely and respectfully. All this will leave an impression about this company to provide private taxi services.

The five most dangerous taxis (according to the metropolitan government)

The administration of the city is primarily concerned with the safety of customers. In connection with this, the Moscow taxi rank was created according to the data of the traffic police department for the Moscow region.

In connection with the increased incidences of accidents involvingThe government car drove off the alarm. The rating of taxi companies (Moscow), which most often fall into accidents, promises to publish quarterly and in every possible way suppress their activities.

At the moment, according to the Moscow traffic police, it is more dangerous to travel with such companies as:

  1. "Ariadon Taxi."
  2. Citadel Finance.
  3. "Armada"
  4. Arion Park.
  5. "LKKRL".

The most budgetary options for the capital's taxi

For some customers, the priority in choosingservice of the goods becomes the price of services, which means that for them the best taxis in Moscow - the most expensive budget. That is why it is equally useful to know about what services in Moscow provide services at lower prices.

rating of taxi companies moscow

First of all, it is necessary to understand exactly how the prices for trips are calculated. There are only two options: during the trip and for each kilometer. All companies adhere to a different algorithm.

The price for each kilometer of a journey can depend on the class of the car or service. The waiting time also affects the final price, and the cheapest taxi has a free waiting time of 12 minutes.

In addition, prices vary by day and nighttime and, as a rule, fixed rates for all companies to travel to the airport or train station. And if we talk about specific services, then the cheapest will cost trips when ordering a car in the following companies:

  • "Self". The prices are calculated on a per minute basis. Regular trips cost from 300 rubles, 11 rubles for every minute of the journey. You can go to the airport for 800-1100 rubles, and to any of the capital's stations for 600 rubles.
  • But the service "Moscow 24" will take from the passengeronly 70 rubles for the car's supply and 22 rubles for each kilometer of the way. A fixed fare for trips to the airport, depending on the remoteness of the price will be 750-1200 rubles.
  • Some categories of the population have the right to use the services of a social taxi. As a rule, these are pensioners, veterans and invalids. Half of the trip for them is paid from the federal budget.

rating taxi moscow reviews

City-mobil service

You are strongly advised not to contact thiscompany dissatisfied customers. As a result, City-mobil falls into the rating of the taxi of Moscow as one of the most irresponsible services. Dissatisfied customers complain that drivers wind up the price, choosing the wrong routes. Sometimes a taxi does not come at all, and the final cost of the trip can be called not according to the tariff of the company, but for personal reasons of the driver. There are exceptions to any statistics, but mostly passengers are not satisfied with the services of a cabman.

Taxi "Angel"

The founders promise that the name of their servicewill justify waiting for passengers and become their guardian angel for the duration of the trip. The service provides not only the usual taxi, but also luxury, as well as minibuses, tow trucks, meetings of foreigners at the airport and the provision of a driver who knows English. This service is included in the rating of the taxi of Moscow as one of the most reliable and serious. A passenger can leave the cabs of the company anywhere in the country. Preliminary applications can be paid by card, for other services payment in cash. Customers of the company "Angel" are satisfied with their driver.rating of taxi services moscow


Another good company that canlead the rating of taxi services (Moscow) as the most reliable and convenient service. If you believe the reviews, then the drivers of this taxi know their work perfectly and are oriented in the capital. You can order a car by phone and through the Internet application.

The vehicle is always on time andcan wait for the passenger for free for 10 minutes. In addition to an ordinary trip, you can order transportation of pets and a meeting at the airport or train station. And also here you can rent a vehicle for 4 or 8 hours.

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