My Room for Schoolchildren

My Room for Schoolchildren

Children at school are often asked to write an essay"My room". Therefore, the students themselves, and their parents should be ready for such work at home. The task of moms and dads is to tell the children how to correctly compose an essay in order to get high praise for it and to deserve praise from the teacher.composition my room

In general, a child can write about his roommuch. It's a place where boys and girls spend a lot of time, it's their little world. The most important thing is to correctly direct the thoughts of the child, so that the essay was written in a structured and competent manner.

Layout plan for the room

To the composition "My room" had the right sequence and was written competently, you should help your son or daughter make a plan. It can be as follows:

  1. General description of the room space. Small or large, light or dark, separate or joint.
  2. Next, you should describe the interior items in the nursery. It is best if it is a detailed, complete and detailed description of each piece of furniture and accessories.
  3. Then you need to write a brief conclusion. Here it is necessary to indicate how comfortable and confident the child feels in the space of his own premises. You can also write what you would like to add and change in the room.

The composition "My room" of this content has the right to exist. For such a statement the child will be able to receive high praise and praise from the teacher.

The composition "My Room" for schoolchildren in lower grades

In the lower grades, the child will be able to write a shortand a sincere description of his personal territory. To son or daughter to understand how to express their thoughts, it is worthwhile to set an example for your child. The composition "My Room" for schoolchildren of lower grades can be as follows.


I have my own room. It is spacious and lots of light, because the windows face the sunny side. My room is big enough, especially if you look at how much everything was in it.

To the left of the window is a desk, behind which Idoing lessons or doing creative work. On the right is a large closet in which I lay clothes and toys. Opposite the table is a sofa in the form of a typewriter, and next to the nightstand on which I place toys. In the middle of the room is a round carpet, on which I spend a lot of time when I'm playing.

The only thing I would like to change in myroom - this wallpaper. I ask my parents to buy blue with the heroes of their favorite cartoons, but so far the walls are green. In my room, I feel free and easy.composition on the theme of my room

Such an essay is quite suitable for a first-class student. Written in this style of thought deserve a good mark.

A composition on the theme "My room" for high school students

Children older than the fifth class are able to express their thoughts on a sheet of paper with more complex speech turns. As an example, you can show such an essay.


My room is very comfortable and comfortable for me.Often, friends come to visit me, we all are easily accommodated in it. The walls in my turquoise room, which I really like. I went to choose the wallpaper with my parents.

To the right of the window is my sofa.It is orange, if guests come, I collect it to free space in the room. To the left of the window is a desk. It is brown and very well combined with the cabinet, which is located on the opposite wall. In the far corner opposite the window, I have nightstands, in which you can put down textbooks, toys and various accessories.

I love spending time in my room, it's always warm and comfortable here.composition on the theme of the description of the room

Such an essay is quite suitable for high school kids.

How to write an essay to get a high score

In order to appear in a diary and class magazineexcellent evaluation, it is worth trying. The most important thing is that the essay on the topic "Description of the room" was written according to the plan and detailed each significant corner.

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