Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews

Nizhny Novgorod, auto show "New Era": address, services, reviews

The acquisition of the car became a normal phenomenonfor every resident of Russia. However, if this is done for the first time, then the process is rather complicated. You need to choose not only the car, but also the place where it will be purchased. The easiest way is to do this, based on the feedback from customers. Below, the auto show "The New Era" In Nizhniy Novgorod.lower Novgorod auto show a new era

About company

The history of the company began in 1993.All "New Era" car dealerships are located in Nizhny Novgorod. The company is the official dealer of many well-known brands: both domestic and foreign. In the car showroom you can buy a car of interest at low prices, and also arrange a loan or insurance. In the event of a breakdown or need for maintenance, contact the customer service department.

In every motor show «The New EraIn Nizhny Novgorod there is an exhibition hall witha huge selection of cars, a technical center and a warehouse with spare parts for quality repairs. Here you can install additional accessories, exchange an old car for a new car, register a car in the traffic police, and use car wash services.

In the car dealerships "The New Era"In Nizhny Novgorod has the opportunity to purchaseevery car you like. If the client finds it difficult to choose, the consultant will certainly help him in solving this problem, telling about all the advantages and disadvantages of any model. After purchase, you will also be able to easily install original accessories. In the company you can buy a car on favorable terms thanks to the cooperation of the company with many banks. It will also be possible to insure the purchased car in a partner insurance company.a new era of Nizhny Novgorod auto show model lineup

Model line in the showroom "The New Era" In Nizhniy Novgorod:

  • "UAZ".
  • Lifan.
  • Chery.
  • Geely.
  • Great Wall.
  • Brilliance.
  • "Gazelle".

Motor show "New Era" in Nizhny Novgorod: address and work schedule

There are several branches in the region "New Era", The main office is on the Kazan highway, 6 b. The schedule of work in all car dealerships is the same - from 9:00 to 20:00.


The company sells cars without running, andIn addition, it provides recycling services. Motor show "New Era" in Nizhny Novgorod also assists in the passage of maintenance, maintenance of the machine, repair of any units and units in case of need.

All managers in the showroomhighly qualified, as they often attend special courses and are interested in cars. If the client has questions, the consultants answer them without any problems. Most often, potential buyers choose a car from personal preferences and financial opportunities. Consultants will help you choose a machine that will satisfy the needs of each customer.

new era of the lower Novgorod auto show reviews

In addition to selling cars, the company also provides the following services:

  • acquisition on credit;
  • registration of insurance;
  • car rental;
  • installation of HBO with all documents and certificates;
  • registration;
  • exchange of the TS under the Trade-In program;
  • car wash;
  • evacuator call.

Auto Loan

The purchase of a car is always accompanied bysignificant financial costs. The necessary amount to buy has to save a long time. In order to allow anyone to purchase, regardless of the availability of financial savings, in the showroom "The New Era"There is an opportunity to purchase a car on credit. The company cooperates only with the most reliable banks, so the client can choose the program suitable for him on the most favorable terms.

Advantages of credit registration in the company "The New Era»:

  • There is no need to provide a huge number of documents.
  • The answer to the application will be known within half an hour after the departure.
  • The client's income is not so important.
  • The most favorable conditions that do not hit hard on the wallet.
  • Loan repayment before the due date in case of possibility.
  • The terms of the loan will be chosen based on the wishes and possibilities of the client.a new era of Nizhny Novgorod auto show recycling

Trade-In system

Abroad, a huge popularitythe Trade-In program. It provides for the exchange of the old car for a new one with a discount. In Russia, such a system is only gaining momentum, but the number of customers who use it is growing very quickly. The explanation for this popularity is that the customer does not need to self-sell a car and look for a buyer, and therefore spend time and nerves. All this will do auto show.

Anyone can exchange their car for a new onedesired one. To do this, you need to register for an auto evaluation. Further in the showroom will need to provide for inspection the machine itself, as well as a passport of a Russian citizen and a PTS. If the car is not issued to the customer, then it is also necessary to present a general power of attorney. If the vehicle has not been removed from the registration record, it is necessary to show the certificate.

There are times when the client likedany particular car, but there is not enough money to buy it. Then the Trade-In system will be an ideal option. If after the exchange of funds is still not enough, you can apply for a purchase on credit.


After buying a car in a mandatoryorder must be registered in the traffic police. This procedure takes a long time, so for its economy, the auto show offers its customers not to worry about this procedure - the company will take care of everything. In this case, the entire process will take a minimum of time, and the client will only have to wait for its completion. The buyer will be able to purchase the car and leave on it with the issued documents already on the day of purchase.

gazelles in the auto show a new era of Nizhny Novgorod

Reviews about the Auto Show "New Era" in Nizhny Novgorod

Customer feedback on the quality of service can beoften come across. Unfortunately, not only positive ones are among them. Some indicate that the warranty service and repair is often denied, and with the visitors talking politely is not always. There were also cases when the client submitted an application for a test drive, it was approved, but upon arrival in the showroom, managers were denied this service.

Used cars

«The New Era"Is engaged in the sale of only new cars. However, in 2010, the implementation of models with mileage. Now this service is very popular. However, this was not always the case. Initially, people were wary of buying a used car, as there was a risk that there were any malfunctions.

Now there is no reason for such doubts. All cars before being put up for sale are inspected on special equipment. If any part is faulty, then repair is made. Documents for the car are also carefully checked, so the risk of buying an illegal copy is reduced to zero. To familiarize with all accessible to purchase of used cars it is possible on a company site.

Reviews of used cars

Most often, clients respond positively tocompanies after buying a car with mileage. They note that the state of the machines is brought almost to the ideal state. Also there are no problems with registration of documents.

auto new era

Reviews of new cars

The condition of new cars is always on top. It should be so. However, customers here also express their dissatisfaction, complaining about the too high prices of individual models.

The result

In the car dealerships "The New Era"A huge selection of cars is presented. If the client has a limited budget, it is best to consider buying a car with mileage. Characteristics it will be similar to some new, but the price will be much lower.

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  • Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews Nizhny Novgorod, auto show New Era: address, services, reviews