Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner

Restaurant "Old Castle": fun in the old manner

The restaurant "Old Castle" is always opendoor in time, hospitably transferring in an instant to the medieval world of cheerful feasts, excellent food and an unforgettable holiday. Once, people who lived in the castle district, hid behind the walls of the fortress in troubled years when the enemy was attacked. Now, when no one is besieging the city, the fortress walls do not break, the Old Castle performs other, peace-loving, but also very important functions: it gives a good mood, helps to enjoy rest and escape from the debilitating and difficult working days, brightens up life in which , unfortunately, the place for the holiday for some reason is getting smaller.

Restaurant Old Castle

Podilskyi "The Old Castle"

Connoisseurs of antiquity and romantic times, whenknights in iron armor performed feats for the sake of a gentle glance of the lady of the heart, can always immerse themselves in this atmosphere of the past by visiting the restaurant "Old Castle" (Podolsk). It is a respectable place, in which the past and the present are miraculously intersected. Sitting at a wooden table in the cozy and luxurious atmosphere of the castle of the feudal lord, it is not difficult to imagine yourself and your friends as a knight company resting after heavy battles in the circle of your beloved. The interior has this: tiled mosaic floors, the likeness of which can still be seen by visiting European castles; narrow stained-glass windows, wooden furniture, simple in form and can even be said, clumsily made with the help of the most simple carpentry tools, as if delivered right here from the Middle Ages.

What can I say: inside the building the spirit of antiquity really does feel. And outside it looks like a real stronghold, capable of withstanding more than one attack of a militant enemy. There is also a highlight, especially loved by children, which the restaurant "Old Castle" has in common with the palace - it is a waterfall fountain. The murmuring water, descending down the stone cascades, is a very remarkable and artistically designed means of relaxation.

Restaurant Old Castle Podolsk

Premises and entourage

The restaurant "Old Castle" is located in Podolsk on84. There is a banquet hall in which 70 guests can freely celebrate the event, and a room for VIP-visitors for 10 people. In the summer, verandas with arbors open near the fountain are opened. There are own parking spaces. The restaurant is ready to offer wines of Georgian and European manufacturers of famous brands, all kinds of strong drinks.

During the festival there is an opportunity to watch broadcasts of football and hockey matches, competitions in biathlon and tennis.


The menu is a Georgian andEuropean cuisine. Special demand is enjoyed by Caucasian food. To understand the mystery and exquisite taste of the cuisine of beautiful Georgia, sung by poets, you can try khinkali, chashushuli on rings of tender lamb, young pork, veal. The institution is also famous for its fish dishes, desserts ... The average price for services per person is 1000-1500 rubles.

Restaurant Old Castle is ready to offer services from Monday to Thursday from 12.00 and until midnight, from Friday to Saturday - opening at 12:00, closing at 02.00.

Old Castle Ivanovo Restaurant

Ivanovo: "The Old Castle"

Equally original in design and in the same wayhospitably and another institution with the sign "Old Castle" (Ivanovo). This restaurant is popular among the local population, and among visitors. In Russia, Ivanovo is called the city of brides, which means that modern knights must simply come here to finally find their beautiful lady. A romantic evening spent at the "Old Castle" will be unforgettable.


The menu is made up of dishes of European and Russian cuisine. There are original dishes, the names of which seem to have come down from the pages of medieval chronicles: the roast "Richard", for example, or the "Cardinal" salad.

The room

Inside the "Old Castle" - three rooms. For large festivities, a banquet room for 35 people is offered, for those who like billiards there is a bar for 15 people, there is also a VIP hall, this is a first class room designed for 6 people.

Works without days off. Located on the street. Лежневская, д. 155. Opens its doors on weekdays at 11.00, closes at 24.00. On holidays, opening an hour later.

There is a possibility to use free Wi-Fi.

Restaurant Old Castle Tomsk

Siberian "namesake"

The restaurant "Old Castle" (Tomsk) gladly opens its gates to let the tired travelers, feed and cheer, give an opportunity to relax and get a charge of vivacity and positive emotions.

There is a hall for business meetings, a hall-gallery, the function of which is the reception of large companies. The karaoke room with the melodious name "Nightingale" is working for the joy of music lovers.


In the menu list, visitors will discover familiar and unknown, but equally appetizing and delicious dishes of Caucasian, Russian, European cuisine.

Guests and residents of the city can find this institution, the medieval entourage of which simply shakes its style and unusualness, at the address: Tomsk, ul. Gagarin, 11 / a.

The institution operates daily from 12.00 to 3.00.

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  • Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner Restaurant Old Castle: fun in the old manner