Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo)

Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo)

Social networks today enjoy a largepopularity. This is a great opportunity for communication, for creating your own groups, where you can share your thoughts and skills with other users. Social networks allow you to get closer to your idols, and this is a good chance to learn more about their life, about their interests. Unfortunately, not all stars manage to gather around themselves their fans, their fans. The ability to communicate with people is also a special talent. The young model Sonia Esman not only was able to unite all her idols on her pages, she also managed to organize her blog. She is active not only in her work in the modeling business, but also in social networks.

Sonny Åsman

Something about Sonya

A young girl who came to Canada in a five-yearage, did not forget his Russian origin. Today Sonia Esman (the biography is described below) is not only a famous model, but also a popular blogger. She willingly communicates not only with peers, but also with people who are much older than her. While living in Canada, she also speaks Russian well, although some expressions turn out to be slightly amusing, but this does not bother her friends and admirers, nor the girl herself.Sonnie Sesman biography

Biography of the Canadian model

Sonia was born in the northern capital of Russia, inSt. Petersburg, June 6, 1995, but when she was 5 years old, she moved with her parents to Canada. Still very young Sonia Esman, her biography is already interesting to many. She was always a cheerful child. There were disappointments and tragedies in her life. When the girl was in fifth grade, her parents divorced, and after that the father returned to Russia. For Sonya it was a great tragedy. She was very upset with the break with Dad. But even then I decided not to "sink in depression," but to work on myself. At first she dreamed of becoming a writer. In her opinion, people who can communicate their thoughts and words to the readers have great power. But the children are growing. Over time, not only Sonya Esman's growth is changing (today he is already 173 cm with her weight of 44 kg), but her views on sony eccentric

Sonia and her education

The girl has always been clever and smartchild. She and the school were able to finish quickly - externally. But while I did not want to study further, I decided to do my favorite work. It is a well-known model, it can always be seen in the most popular fashion magazines. Many girls dream of such work, only they first do not think that this is a constant work and, above all, above themselves. To be a good model, it's not enough to be just a beautiful girl. You must also have the artistry and be able to control yourself in all situations. The schedule of work can be different, and it does not matter what mood this day or what state of health. You must always be cheerful and cheerful. Therefore, Sonya Esman constantly attends acting courses.growth of sleepy sseman

Sonia and her way of life

In her seventeen years the girl achieved a greatpopularity. It is known to everyone who is interested in fashion, who is interested in learning about the modeling business. On pages in social networks you can always find out about the Sonya diet, about its complex of exercises. Every new day a girl starts with jogging, and then a little warm-up follows. No bad habits (this affects the appearance and well-being). There is more plant food and no fast food in the diet. Meat can be consumed, but only lean in boiled form and in small quantities. Sonia always does not attend the gym, only when there is no possibility to go in for sports on the street. And most importantly - as much as possible to move. It can be swimming, rollerblading and biking and just walking.

Sonja's image

Looking at the photos in a fashion magazine, not eventhink about the fact that in life it's a simple cheerful and sociable girl. It can transform beyond recognition. On pages in the network it's "an ordinary simple girl from a nearby yard". In the photo, Sonya Yesman always has many friends, her peers and older people. For her friends, she removes clothes for every day, shows how you can dress for work or study, or just what kind of attire you can go to a party. Tati Sonya Esman is also not defiant, not even noticeably. A small drawing on the wrist that serves as a decoration. Very fond of an animal girl. On the pages of her site a lot of photos, where Sonya with her favorite parrot Pasha. Care and communication with him gives a lot of of sonni esmen

Work on the video blog

Working on a video blog, Sonia was able to establish communicationwith his father. This was a joyful event for her. Supporting and evaluating a loved one always means a lot to each of us. Her father appreciated her skill, her talent. They again communicate and are together.

While creating her own channel, Sonia first of all thought abouthow to help people, their peers find themselves and how to all become happy. She succeeded. The fact that she currently has more than two hundred thousand subscribers, says a lot. They listen to her, use advice in her life and just always talk to her with pleasure. This speaks volumes. The ability to communicate with people is also a talent, and Sonya Esman is also a charming, cheerful girl. She willingly talks about the new collection, about a new trend in fashion. Always tell who and what better to pick out of clothes. He does not hide his way of life, his interests from his fans and friends. Also, Sonya teaches the same age as how to properly care for the hair, for the skin. Lessons of makeup on the channel like almost everyone. The girls were delighted with the training course organized by the presenter.

There is one phrase that beauty is terribleforce. But when, besides the beauty of the outside, there is also the inner, then the person involuntarily draws to himself. With him I want to communicate and meet again. Sonya Esman still lies ahead. This is the future star. She is very efficient and responsible. And with all these qualities - a good, friendly person. I want to believe that now this is only the beginning of her career, that in the near future the number of her subscribers will increase, and she will be popular not only in the social networks of the Internet, but also on the television screen.

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  • Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo) Sonia Esman: biography, height, weight and personal life (photo)