The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use

The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use

What makes liver beef so popular amongby-products? Who can eat liver food and eat contraindications? Are people who rank the liver as a low-quality product? At once it is possible to give a convincing argument in favor of this product, completely rehabilitating and proving that the liver of beef, the use of which is huge, is necessary for everyone only because it contains a lot of very useful and nutritious substances.

How useful is the liver of beef?

First of all, it is worth noting that beef liveris rich in proteins, among which the most important of the microelements - copper and iron - are of particular value. Everyone knows that it is iron that takes part in the synthesis of hemoglobin, and by the amount of its content in this product, the liver can be safely ranked among the main suppliers of this microelement, so necessary for the body. The properties of copper are also difficult to overestimate: it can suppress inflammatory processes.

In addition, the liver of beef - the benefit of whichis indisputable, so useful due to its constituent vitamin A, so necessary for normal vision, for kidney health, brain activity, and to ensure a good condition of the skin, hair, nails, teeth. And the presence of vitamins B, C, sodium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, once again confirms that the liver of beef, its use is priceless for the smooth functioning of the human body. The heparin produced in the liver is used in medicine to normalize blood coagulability, it takes part in the prevention of thrombosis.

In order for the liver to beef, its use wasespecially noticeable, it is necessary to know when buying what a fresh product looks like. The calf liver weighs from one to two and a half kilograms, it is loose and tender, light brown with a red shade, in contrast to the mature liver, which is darker in tone - red-brown and weighs about five kilograms.

An important factor is the correctpreparation, capable of providing the body with a daily norm of vitamins and trace elements. Before starting to prepare dishes from the liver, it is subjected to pre-treatment, which ensures the disappearance of a bitter taste. So,how to cook the liver to store the maximum number of beneficial properties?

  • It is cleaned from the film and soaked in water, or even better in milk for 10-15 minutes.
  • Cut into small pieces of the same size.
  • Spread out in a frying pan with preheated oil, salt to taste and cover with a lid.
  • Onion is cut into rings or half rings, carrots are rubbed on a large grater and added to a skillet. Leave on a small fire for 20 minutes.
  • Prepare the sauce: mix one tablespoon of tomato paste, mayonnaise and boiled water, stir well.
  • Add the sauce before finishing the preparation of the liver, bring to a boil, sprinkle with chopped herbs and a mixture of peppers. Serve a ready-made dish on the table.

Note: should be borne in mind that the calf liver can not be subjected to a long heat treatment, it is salted before it is ready, so as not to minimize the amount of nutrients. It is ideal for pies, patties, it is baked, fried, etc.

Beef liver: harm and benefit

Nutritionists recommend using the liver inhealth and medical purposes. Due to the presence of a huge amount of useful substances, easy digestibility, it is recommended to include dishes from beef liver in diabetics suffering from diabetes, prone to atherosclerosis, pregnant women, small children, especially with signs of iron deficiency anemia.

Smokers should consume dishes from the liver,to optimize brain function, thanks to an element such as thiamine, which is an antioxidant and is able to protect the human body from the negative effects of alcohol and tobacco. It is also very desirable to use beef liver to athletes and people engaged in heavy physical labor.

However, with all the advantages of a beef liver,it should be remembered that the use of this product should be in moderation, especially in elderly people because of the keratin and other extro-active substances not recommended for use in old age.

To avoid the occurrence of various diseasesheart (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke, thrombosis) it can not be found in the diet of people with high cholesterol in the blood, as in 100 g of liver contains its 270 mg.

It is necessary to take into account infirst of all, that the liver was useful, but not harmful, the following: the cattle should be grown in ecologically clean areas, was not stuffed with chemical drugs, did not get sick. Otherwise, it is better not to use the liver as a food.

But with all the conditions, the correct preparation of the taste of dishes from the liver is able to delight the most sophisticated gourmets.

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  • The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use The liver of beef. Benefits and contraindications for use