What are the browsers

What are the browsers?

The very first thing you need to know a beginnerInternet user - this is what a browser is. How to decide which one is the best. Let's try to understand what kind of browsers are, and how they differ from each other.

A browser is a program that is needed toso when using queries, get the necessary data from the server, thereby forming a web page. It's browsers that help us provide access to the Internet. Which browsers are the most commonly used today?

Popular Browsers

  • At the first position of our rating isGoogle Chrome. It was created by the famous Internet giant Google. Today it is used by the majority of users of the Network. It is relatively good due to its fast surfing speed, what its competitors can not boast of. This browser uses to display the resulting Web page engine Webkit. For the first time this browser was able to use September 2, 2008. However, after all possible errors in the test version were taken into account, on December 11 of the same year a new, more stable version was released. 43% of Internet users around the world use this browser.
  • Following the previous browser, stepping on itheels, moves Mozilla Firefox. It is distributed on the Internet completely freely under a public license. Everyone can download it. According to world statistics, this browser is the second most popular in the world. In Russia, it is only on the third pest by frequency of use. So, let's continue to consider which browsers exist.
  • On the third line there is an "old man"Internet Explorer. For the first time this browser appeared in the world computer community in 1995. However, over time, it has largely lost its popularity due to its slow speed and inconsistency with the parameters of web pages. However, you can see that it goes along with the basic set of Microsoft and therefore in all institutions use only this type of browser. But, as for free Internet users, they try to avoid using Internet Explorer. What are the other browsers?
  • The following browser, which is also popular, likethe previous ones are Opera. It was developed back in 1994 by a small group of Internet enthusiasts in one of the small Norwegian companies. Who would have thought that in a few years this browser could take the leading position in the Internet surfing market. As for Russia, in our country the number of users of this browser is about one third of all people on the Internet.
  • And the last browser that is known to those whospends several hours a day on the web - it's Apple Safari. It was developed several years ago by Apple. For its products, it is included in the basic configuration and is distributed free of charge when selling Apple computers. By the number of users in the world takes the fourth position, but in Russia, unfortunately, is not so popular.

Thus, we see that today there are a huge number of browsers and their popularity does not depend on the brand, but depends on the speed of surfing.

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