What causes cellulite

What causes cellulite?

From what appears "orange skin". This problem worries most women of modern society. Most often from such misfortune suffer buttocks, hips, stomach, flanks and skin of hands.

So why does cellulite appear? Yes, because a woman does not watch herself. In case of a predisposition, all the products listed below must be strictly excluded and a mobile lifestyle should be maintained. About 85% of women have a predisposition to cellulite since birth. The rest earn it in the course of life. Most often this problem manifests itself after 25 to 30 years. But there are cases when cellulite begins its action from the age of 13 or in case of excess weight. The best friends of cellulite are inactive work, lack of exercise, swimming and some of the food products, the use of which only worsens the situation.

The causes of cellulite can beimproper breathing, unusual high heels, stresses, hereditary predisposition, unbalanced diet, low physical activity, chronic illnesses, bad habits and even narrow clothes.

Cellulite appears when a woman regularlyuses fried foods, sausage, sausages, pates, eats poultry and fish with skin, abuse sweets and pastries, chips, crackers and so on. These products primarily lead to overweight, which will immediately follow and cellulite. A bad role in the appearance of the "orange peel" is played by alcohol, especially beer and sweet liquor, also carbonated water, juices from tetrapak, syrups, cream, sweet tea. It does not sound surprising, but the appearance of cellulite provokes cabbage, vegetable oil and greens from the garden. Favorably affect the development of it will be inadequate amount of moisture and vitamins in the body, as well as smoking.

We have found out what cellulite comes from. Be attentive to your body. Let it last as long as possible retain its appeal and sexuality. And in the fight against this cosmetic affect, our article entitled "How to get rid of cellulite in the home?" Will be useful. Love yourself and be loved.

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