What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

Until the most beloved holiday of the year is not so much time. Traditionally, the purchase of gifts for the New Year is planned for mid-December. On the one hand, it is logical - Christmas sales, discounts, gift promotions and so on. On the other hand, an alliance of a bargain price and decent quality goods can be obtained by purchasing gifts in advance. Fortunately, the current Internet resources are fully able to satisfy the most demanding taste. So, what to give to parents for the New Year 2019? Of course, the age and taste preferences of loved ones should be considered. Certainly, the requests of forty-five and seventy-five-year-old parents will be different. But there are things that will appeal to any mom and dad.

What to give mom for the New Year 2019 - TOP 5

Detective book

All Russian women in their forties, with very few exceptions, read. For example, in the summer of this year, the book by Alexandra Marinina, “The Bitter Quest”, was perhaps the most unusual in genre terms.The three-volume book tells the story of an eccentric experiment: several young people voluntarily go to the atmosphere and life of the seventies of the USSR. The next generation will have to face all the delights of the times of stagnation: lack of money, good things in stores, total shortage of products, etc. The plot captures from the first pages.

Slippers and blanket

The modern variety of home clothes and shoes will not leave indifferent any woman. Do not be afraid to give mom slippers and a bathrobe-blanket. With good quality and an interesting design decision, such a gift will not be commonplace at all, rather, on the contrary. Slippers can be on a small heel, decorated with rhinestones or sewn from natural fur. A blanket with sleeves will warm you up on a cold winter day, setting you closer to dreams or pleasant memories.

Photo portrait on canvas

Very fashionable and creative gift option. But if the first two can be purchased fairly quickly, the portrait on canvas, in any case, must be ordered in advance. It is necessary to choose a company with a good reputation in the market and choose a mother's photo where the face is clearly visible.After that, choose the plot of the picture: classic or modern. The artist enters into the image of the photo on the real canvas. So in the end, the portrait looks like an author's work.

Coffee set

A set that includes jazz and small coffee cups is always relevant. As for cups, when choosing those, it is better to focus on personal taste. The stores have both serial copies, and exclusive handmade. Copper cezves are good with perfect observance of neck and bottom proportions. Due to this, the coffee creme perfectly clogs the narrow throat of the Turks, preserving its taste and flavor. Today they also produce stylish glass cezves and silver gift turks.

Coloring book for adults

Coloring for adults - a great gift in terms of relaxation. Create a picture through such sets will be able to anyone, even those who can not draw. This kind of leisure calms, distracting from sad thoughts, sets a positive and brings practical benefits. The finished work can be arranged in a stylish baguette and hang on the wall.

What to give dad for the New Year 2019 - TOP 5

Accessories for the "iron horse"

Almost all dads drive a car.Therefore, covers of fashionable eco-leather or classic material will be very useful. An alternative option could be a certificate in a car service center, a navigator, a DVR, or a CTP insurance paid for a year. Every self-respecting driver has two pairs of rubber: winter and summer. But as for the disk, few people buy a spare. So the second pair of disks will be a very pleasant surprise.

Gift "with meaning"

Regardless of the region of residence, personalized valenki dad will please. In the end, even in the absence of snow on cold autumn evenings in such shoes you can warm your feet. All men love sweet and tasty, so you can order chocolate in the form of Santa Claus with father's face. A box of elite cigars and a bottle of brandy or whiskey, a silver cigarette case with engraving.

Shish Kebab Set

Every real man knows how to cook meat. New Year's shish kebab is especially tasty if cooked with the help of a professional kitchen. The set for a shish kebab packed into a comfortable case will be pleasant to the father of any age. In the country diplomat, as a rule, there is a folding grill, skewers, a flask, six piles, six forks, a folding knife and a chopper for chopping meat.

home brewery

What Russian dad does not like beer with fish in the Christmas party? Fashionable and very easy to use unit called "home brewery" can be ordered in the online store, of which there is plenty of online. Do not be afraid that dad can not cope with smart equipment. It will be enough to set the correct parameters of time and temperature, and then the brewery will do everything itself. Depending on the type of yeast and the components in the composition of the drink, it is really possible to create a wide variety of beers.

Inflatable sofa

An excellent gift will be an inflatable sofa Lamzak. This modern invention of mankind can be used not only in summer, but in winter. The sofa is easy to inflate, it is compact and can withstand up to six people. Relevant in any campaign, including sea and mountain travel.

General gifts to parents for the New Year 2019

When you do not have enough money to buy an expensive and valuable gift, you should try to give an inexpensive but good gift that will be a reminder for your parents and how much you love them. It is best to give parents for the new 2019 something cool and creative that will be useful in everyday life.Our top 15 gifts to parents for the New 2019 will help you choose the really necessary gift.

Ecocube The grapes are maiden. This is a very original and useful gift for parents by the New Year 2019; you can familiarize yourself with its composition and useful properties at this link https://eiford.ru/catalog/ekokub/ekokub_vinograd_devichiy/, as well as see the whole catalog of this and many more wonderful tools https://eiford.ru/catalog/ekokub/Ecocube The grapes are maiden. Set for growing

  • If dad likes to mess around in his garage with his old car, then you can give him a set of tools that he has long dreamed of. Also a great gift will be the seat covers for his beloved swallow.

set of tools

  • Mom is very keen on reading novels, so you can give her a book, but it’s better not just a simple one, but an electronic one. And then she will always have with her several volumes of her favorite literature.


  • Parents are fond of blanks for the winter, then a home autoclave will be a great gift. It greatly facilitates the process of cooking pickles and preserves.

home autoclave

  • You can also give various small details of the interior, such as tea sets, which will be available only on holidays. Or a beautiful picture with a magnificent landscape.

service set

  • A great gift for parents can be a new textile bath towels or a set of bed linen.


  • If you still could not decide on the choice of a gift, certificates of congratulations will always come to the rescue. With such a gift it is impossible to predict, because according to it, the parents themselves will choose the necessary thing for them. It is the very same color that mom and dad prefer.
  • A good gift will be a portrait of parents, created by an excellent artist.

Photo portrait

  • No one doubts that mother cooks amazingly, but sometimes she just wants to relax. Therefore, it is possible as a gift to arrange a dinner for parents in a restaurant. They will be able to quietly sit and relax in the company of their beloved children, without worrying about laying and complementing the table with various salads.

dinner in a restaurant

  • If the father is an avid fisherman, and every weekend, having collected all the tackle, he goes to the spot, a good fishing rod will be an excellent option as a gift. Or a suitcase with tackles. You can also give your dad an inflatable boat or a gift certificate for going to the fishing store.

fishing rod

  • Put a new vacuum cleaner or microwave with grill function under the Christmas tree,It will be a wonderful gift for parents.


  • An old mixer is time to replace? Present a new food processor. Mom will gladly master the new technique and will prepare even more different delicacies.

Food processor power

  • Give parents a large and roomy wardrobe or chest of drawers. Always it seemed that the chandelier does not fit into the interior? Give your mom and dad a new one, the one that will be a great addition to the decor.

chest of drawers

Gifts for parents for the New Year 2019 do it yourself

In order to give parents an original and amazing gift for the New Year 2019 there is no need to go shopping to find the best gift. You can create a gift to parents for the New 2019 with their own hands. Such a present will surely please mom and dad because a piece of your soul will be embedded in it.

  1. Orange peel candlestick.Do you like oranges? Then you have a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure. To do this, cut off the top of the orange and remove all the pulp. Cut various diamonds, rectangles, stars on the sides and inside to put a small candle. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, you can get pleasure from the citrus smell, which will fill the whole house.

Orange Peel Candlestick

  1. You can also make yourselfframe for family photo. There are many ways to do this on the Internet, both simple descriptions and instructions for making with step by step photos.

seashell photo frame

  1. Candy bouquet of roses.Sweet lovers will surely appreciate a delicious gift. To create a candy masterpiece, you must have candy in colorful wrappers, corrugated paper, skewers. Candy should be wrapped in paper and attached to skewers, pre-wrapped in green paper. Wrap the flowers in a beautiful wrapper. Delicious and very beautiful.

photo of candy bouquet

  1. Panel of buttons.Original gifts can be made from bright, colored buttons. To do this, take a square frame or a box of chocolates, paint it in the desired color. Next, draw any picture (apple, flower, butterfly) and beautifully stick bright buttons. Hollows can be filled with beads. On top, if necessary, paint on with acrylic paints. Unusual and soulful.

Panel of buttons

  1. Funny bunny sock.Stitched toys from unnecessary socks or from those who have only one left in stock, will delight not only children, but even adults. And to make such a fun gift is very simple. You need to take a bright sock, turn it with your heel towards you, and cut it into two strips from the top and sew them together.These will be bunny ears. Fill with cotton wool or sintepon, sew eyes with buttons.

At last

This year, the Russians rest from December 30 to January 8. For certain, most parents dream every winter to spend these days on a fascinating journey, and not to stay at home. But nothing happens: worries, work, lack of money or some other reason does not allow to go on a trip. It is necessary to take the initiative in their hands and give parents a New Year's Eve 2019 tour. May this journey be short-handed and not the most expensive, but then the parents will stay together, forgetting about life and problems. As a rule, trips for three to four days with a tour and accommodation in a country motel, is in any city. The main thing - to determine the direction.

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  • What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019

    What to give to parents for the New Year 2019