What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands

What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands

Few in our lives are holidays that are important andare loved. These include their birthday and, of course, their next of kin. Particularly nice gifts you want to do to the closest people, among whom is your beloved grandmother. It takes no less important place in the life of any person than the parents. Therefore, a gift to the grandmother should be chosen with great love.

Numerous supermarkets offer a hugea choice of various souvenirs for every taste and purse. But it is much more pleasant to make a present for a grandmother for her birthday with her own hands. After all, any things made independently, carry a large charge of warmth and positive emotions. Such a surprise will always be in the mind of a person close to you and will remind you of you. A gift to her grandmother will depend on her tastes and hobbies. Let's look at several options for pleasant little things that you can do yourself from improvised materials.

A gift to a grandmother, fond of cooking.

If most of your free time,Grandmother spends with pots, pies, jam and various goodies, then she simply needs a beautiful set of convenient hooks. To produce them, many scraps are used, which are in every house. The form of the stitches can be different.

It is necessary to take into account in their manufacture several importantmoments. They should be dense enough, easy to be washed, have an attractive appearance and cover the entire hand from hot dishes. In addition to stitches, you can sew a nice apron, a kitchen towel and a hot water bottle on the kettle.

A gift to my grandmother, who is fond of room colors.

Each grower constantly lacks potsfor their plants. A beautiful container for flowers can be made from unnecessary deep bowls, pots or small pots. To have a neat appearance, they will need to be decorated in mosaic technique. For this purpose, the remnants of tiles or shards of broken earthenware of bright colors, and a bit of cement for laying tiles will do. We take old plates, mugs and tiles. We split them into small pieces, from which we lay out any conceived pattern.

The old pot is spread with cement or glue fortile and lay on it a prepared mosaic. The distance between the pieces is filled with a special grout and the pot is allowed to dry. The finished product is wiped with a rag, removing pieces of grout from the mosaic. A set of such beautiful pots, my grandmother will be very happy. They will take a worthy place on its windowsill with flowers.

A gift to my grandmother - a gardener.

How nice to relax at the cottage. Especially if the plot is well thought out and decorated. To give the dacha looked worthy, it is required to invest efforts to all family members. Therefore, we will produce as a gift to our grandmother own interesting vases for greenery and flowers. They can be made from improvised material. We will make a family of piglets from plastic bottles, with a capacity of five liters. Such a bottle will go to the pig's body.

We will make legs from bottles of "Imunelli", and ears andthe tail is cut from a plastic bottle. Put a large bottle on one side. Her lid will become a piglet. Cut out on the upper surface of an opening, sufficient to fill the body of the earth and planting plants. At the bottom of the bottle, make four holes for the legs. Bottles of yogurt fill with sand for weighting. We plug the neck into the abdomen of the pigs and screw it from the inside with a lid.

From a small bottle we cut out the ears and the tail. In the pig's body, we make small incisions, into which we insert them. We paint our pig in pink color for exterior painting. Black color draws eyes and a patch. Our flower bed is ready.

To make such pleasant little thingstake a little time, improvised materials and flight of your imagination. But the result will surpass all expectations and will give much joy not only to the grandmother, but to you.

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  • What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands What to make as a gift to my grandmother with my own hands