Which brand of phone is better

Which brand of phone is better?

Today, there are a lot ofa variety of phone models that differ in price, the quality of the built-in camera, the installed operating system and, of course, the firm's manufacturer. If by the necessary parameters of the phone you have decided which brand of phone is better - a question on which there are different opinions.

Firms that produce mobile phones,are calculated in several tens. All of them introduce modern technologies into new models and compete with each other. Studies, however, distinguish five of the most popular manufacturers, whose products are considered the best.


In the forefront of the rating, which brand of phonethe best, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile manufacturers - Nokia. For a long time, this firm accounted for more than 30% of the world's mobile phone market. The first mobile phone is also an achievement of Nokia. The phone models of this company have always had a stylish design and wide functionality, and most importantly - a long service life.

Experts are of the opinion that the companyNokia makes models for a wide audience and since the right marketing strategy is chosen, the number of fans of this brand is increasing every year. Phone Nokia will be an excellent choice, both for an adult and for a child, because the strength of this device is legendary.


The best brand of the phone, according to many -Samsung. This is the largest South Korean concern for the production of not only telecommunications equipment, but also video, audio and home appliances. In the mobile phone market, the company has been operating for more than 20 years. One of the distinguishing features of the phones of this brand are high-quality displays and providing high-quality sound.

Among the buyers of this company's phonesare in demand because of the universal design, relatively inexpensive price policy and quality. In addition, you can find phones of any color, which makes it easy for women.


The devices of this large Korean manufacturerare distinguished by excellent multimedia capabilities. Also in the phones of this brand new technologies are used. Remember that a smartphone with a 3D display and a dual-core processor first appeared exactly this company. LG's models are very stylish and affordable, which does not affect their quality.


High pricing policy of phones of this companyis quite justified, because in addition to a quality phone, you also get a multimedia player and a pocket computer. The iPhone has a huge number of built-in functions and applications, which is very useful, both for work and for entertainment.

The design of phones labeled "apple" is a suitable option for serious business people.

Sony Ericsson

This phone company alsois among the best. In addition to the general characteristics of the phones of this brand is also an excellent media player and a high-quality powerful battery. In addition - a very attractive appearance. There are many models for two sim cards.

Also advise when choosing a phonebe guided by the kind and trusted name of the store, where you are actually going to purchase a phone. Be wary of counterfeiting, because even a phone of a popular and trusted company, you can be very disappointed if it will be brought and whether it is assembled somewhere. Ask for quality certificates from sellers and carefully read the warranty terms.

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