Which means prefix Y

which means prefix Y

which means prefix Y

  1. prefix y denotes the completion of the action: drowned, fled, quit.
  2. A prefix is ​​a small part of a word that is added to a word, so that it changes, for example: Explain, Strengthen, Think.
  3. 2.U- (verb prefix) - distance
    The prefix y- has the meaning of the movement from the object to the complete removal, as well as the completion of the action. The deletion is expressly expressed in the verbs of movement, the starting point is denoted by the genitive case with prepositions from, from, with: to leave the Caucasus, to leave the theater, to sail from the shore, to leak out of the bucket.
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    1. The verbs of motion and a number of other verbs with the prefix y- have the meaning of removing (from) somewhere or to force to remove (with I) to escape, escape, escape, steal, carry away, escape, remove, evade.
    In summer the whole family left for the country; The tumor will have to be removed.
    2. Verbs with the value of the movement of the object in space or relative to another object with the prefix y- signify the completeness of the action, the propagation of the action on the entire surface of the object to lay, stare, cover, hull, and cover.
    The artist's room is hung with his paintings; The whole meadow is dotted with flowers.
    3. A number of verbs with a prefix y-have the significance of accomplishing an action, despite the difficulties, unfavorable conditions to save, hold, resist, persist, survive, persuade, persuade, plead, assure, see. Fortunately, many ancient structures survived, despite wars and natural disasters; Talented masters saved unique works from destruction; It's hard for a child to sit still.
    Note. Verbs to sit, to stand, to survive, to be seen are used only in perfect form.
    4. A number of verbs formed from the names of adjectives and nouns, with the prefix y-have the value of making an object or face kaki mr. For, for example, for kem-l for enlarging, improving, speeding up, simplifying, complicating, , worsen, lengthen, brighten, strengthen, soothe, adopt. The cord from the table lamp can be lengthened; The doctor calmed the patient: I assure you that after the sanatorium your health will improve; Gymnastics and walks in the forest will strengthen your nerves.

    which means the prefix Y of committing an action, in spite of

    Verbs sit, lie down, build with the prefix y- and particle-ya and some other verbs have the value of strength, solidity, convenience of action to sit down, lie down, settle, lay, seat, set.
    The children sat down in a chair and prepared to listen to the tale; The smallest grandson my grandmother put to bed.
    6. Verbs fit (s), lay down (with) the prefix y-have the meaning of containment as a limited space.
    There were so many examples that they did not fit on the board.
    Set, strew
    To save, keep
    Persuade, persuade,
    V.p. + from + Rn. V.p.
    V.p. + T.p.
    V.p. + from + Rn.
    Delete - delete student from
    class, remove the tumor
    to set the stand with instruments, to strew all the way with flowers to save the picture from dampness, from destruction; to protect the child from cold, to keep a friend from ill-considered decision
    persuade a friend to read his poems to assure a friend of the right; assure him that I am right
    Note. When a verb is coaxed with an object that designates an action, it is expressed by an infinitive.
    The verbs of the third and sixth groups have an active combination with words that emphasize the fulfillment of the action, despite the difficulties. For the verbs of the fifth group is characterized by compatibility with words that emphasize the thoroughness, convenience of action: to withstand, to resist, to save, to fit with difficulty, barely; get comfortable, sit comfortably, well, cozy.
    V.p. + in + PP.
    Retire / retire, retire Last year, my mother retired for health reasons.
    To leave / walk away from business, from responsibility People who try to get away from difficult affairs, responsibilities, are not respected.
    Fit / meet the deadline, in the regulations The speech is given five minutes.

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  • Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y Which means prefix Y