Who invented Cheburashka

Who invented Cheburashka?

I must say that this simple question (or rather,answer to it) is not as unambiguous as it seems at first glance. A funny hero of literary works, cartoons, part-time official symbol of the Russian national team at the Olympic Games, became at one time a stumbling block for several legal disputes. About why this happened, and who actually came up with Cheburashka, let's try to tell in our article.

Literary character

On the one hand, it is an image of the book. And his writer Eduard Uspensky came up with it. Yellow eyes (like the eagle owl). Round big head (like a hare). The tail is fluffy and short (like a little bear). By the way, in the first issues of the book about Cheburashka and Crocodile Gen, published before the appearance of the famous cartoon in 1966, the animal looked different. So his image was seen by two other artists, Alfeyevsky and Kalinovsky. Briefly we can say: does not look like!

The hero of cartoons

A bright and unforgettable image of Cheburashka fromSoviet cartoon, published in 1969, created an animated cartoonist Leonid Shvartsman (real name - Israel Aronovich Shvartsman). And after that, in all other cartoons about Cheburashka, this genius Soviet artist created characters. So the right to an animated animal belongs to him.

Origin of the name

According to the tale of Uspensky, an unknown animaltransportation along with oranges strove to "coburahnutsya", that is, to fall, simply put. Hence the name - Cheburashka. In the dictionary of Dahl, the concept of "cheburahnutsya" is described as: "crash," "stretch out," "fall." And the word "Cheburashka" means: a doll of the Vanka-Vstanka type, which, as it throws, gets to its feet.


Litigation between Uspensky and Shvartsmanbegan after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the nineties. The peak occurred in 2004-2007. The artist drew attention to the fact that the image of Cheburashka in the first editions of books differs significantly from the cartoon character then painted. And the difference is unequivocally present. Therefore, it is reasonable to speak about two different author's characters: a cartoon character and a literary hero.

On how to draw them correctly, read in the article How to draw Cheburashka.

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