Why are they denied credit

Why are they denied credit?

Before entering into a loan agreement with the bank,everyone knows that he must undergo an examination procedure, after which a positive or negative answer will be received. The bank is left without the right to refuse a loan without explanation. And many simply can not understand why they are denied credit in a particular bank. You can make an official request, but there is no guarantee to receive a response.

The main reasons for the refusal:

  • Age. You can get a loan from 21 to 60 years. Certain types of credit have a large age range, and each bank sets its own.
  • Income. As you know, in our country you can work without official employment or have a minimum salary, but receive decent premium. Accordingly, there can be no question of any necessary information.
  • Work experience. If the citizen has worked at the last job for less than 6 months.
  • Check in. The loan in Russia is available only to residents. Even not every citizen of the Russian Federation can use the bank's credit services in another region. That is, the registration in one area, the place of registration of work and the bank in another, for example.
  • Amount of credit. If the monthly earnings do not comply with all the requirements of a monthly loan repayment.
  • Previously issued and still outstanding loans. This option can be extended to several banks. That is, if there is an outstanding loan in one bank, and even more so in the same, the percentage of refusals is very large.
  • Invalid information. Do not expect that banks for the sake of a whim are forced to fill out the appropriate forms of applications for credit. Check all the information provided.
  • In some banks, a loan expert captures the appearance of a potential borrower and his behavior, directly in the bank, which can also serve as the reason for the refusal.

The reason for the refusal, about which many do not know

Another reason why banks arecredit, with all banks, there may be a negative credit history. What it is? If you have ever taken out a loan, then a credit history is starting for you, so to speak, or in the banking language. In the credit history, all information about loans taken and paid off will be recorded. If for any reason you did not properly fulfill the loan repayment terms, let alone the loan amount was forced from you, then consider that your credit history is negative. Do not expect that if you blundered on a loan in one bank, then in the other they will not find out about it. Such kind of information is available to all banks of our country in a certain base, which many borrowers even suspect. Citizens who have been brought to criminal responsibility may also be in a similar base.

Why Sberbank denied a loan

According to statistics, the Security Council most often denies a loan,this is due to the popularity of the bank. Sberbank takes the leading place in the country to provide relevant services, it has enough turnover and deal with problem borrowers or borrowers with a negative credit history, it simply will not. If you are one of these, do not waste time and contact another bank immediately.

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