Willpower: the psychology of personality development

How to develop willpower? Test of will power. Willpower: the psychology of personality development

Surely each of us would like to work outa useful habit, for example, to wake up early in the morning, do exercises, take a morning contrast shower, eat as much fruit as possible ... A familiar situation, is not it? Below we will consider such concepts as will power, developmental psychology and motivation. These concepts, although close, are not identical.

Test of Willpower

We bring to your attention a simple mini-test for willpower. Read the questions and answer them mentally.

1. Do you at once do a tedious job?

2. Can you easily do things that you do not like?

3. Can you, in case of conflict, calm emotions and find out who is right and who is not?

4. Can you diet for a long time?

5. Can you get up early if you decide?

6. Do you immediately respond to messages on social networks?

7. Will you take the unpleasant medicine that you are prescribed?

8. Do you always keep your word?

9. Do you easily decide on a trip?

10. Do you stick to the daily routine?

For each positive answer, put yourself 1 point. If you score more than 5 points, then you have the willpower. If not, then draw conclusions.

How to develop willpower?

To do this is not an easy task, but the resultwill significantly change life for the better, as will power and character - things are very important, it can be said, irreplaceable. The main thing is to ask this question in a timely manner. Willpower, psychology of personality development - these words are very fashionable now, but for most people they are empty.

In taking any action, a person at a subconscious level regards it according to two criteria:

  • Is it worth doing this business?
  • Is it possible to fulfill it?

As for the first, this is motivation. If circumstances can be of use to us, of course, we will be happy to take action. The second is beliefs, strength of spirit, ie, whether a person can perform certain actions - will he have perseverance, skills and abilities.

Why can not you rely on just one motivation?

Today you can meet a lot of psychologicalliterature, which provides tips and advice on how to increase their motivation. However, in practice, such advice is of little use, they do not give an answer to the question of where to take the willpower. Motivation is not a personal characteristic of a person. This is, first of all, the pleasure derived from a quality work done or flight results.

So, that turns out. You want to change life for the better, decide to do exercises on a daily basis, you understand that this is useful, you have a motivation.

how to develop willpower

You do exercises every morning, learn new exercises with interest, discuss them with your comrades. Your motivation is growing.

After a couple of days, enthusiasm burns out. Exercises, which were recently new, become boring, gradually you switch to other things. Motivation is coming to naught. In the end, you do not do daily exercises at all. You understand that this is useful and necessary for the good of your health.

For any case, only oneinspiration. The internal motivation is influenced by many factors. If you are hungry or tired, respectively, and the motivation will be reduced. Education of will power is not an easy thing. But if you are rested and full of energy, the motivation rises.

How to develop strength of will. Four strategies. The first is the promise

Imagine that you have with friends, colleagues,the enemies held a conversation, and you decided to lose an extra 10 kilograms for 3 months and make every effort to achieve the desired result. If you doubt yourself and do not want loud statements, tell your relatives about your intentions to your close friends. Follow the promise to take action. This is one of the options for how to train willpower.


People who are interested in your initiative,will certainly be interested in your achievements, cheer you up, wish you luck. However, on the way there will be encountered enemies, who will only await your failure.

As a result, you do not justify the hopes of the first andgive only a reason for the enemies to rot themselves and pour mud. A ridiculous situation, is not it? It is these actions that are designed for your instinct of self-preservation - the unwillingness to be humiliated will reinforce your motivation for the best achievements. Immediately remember the folk wisdom - the "strategy of death": either you commit yourself and win, or you are defeated - you are destroyed.

Right habits

The first strategy seems quite extreme. But in reality it will give a result. It will help to develop efforts to move in the necessary direction. Strategy # 2 will complement it well.

As a rule, any goal can be achieved, if notstop and regularly go to her. If you want to test your willpower, force yourself to regularly perform what will in the future benefit you. You can develop positive habits - morning exercises, jogging.

will power psychology of personality developmentI want to tell you a little story. The hero and researcher of Africa Henry Morton Stanley took the rule every day to shave, regardless of where he is - on vacation, in comfortable surroundings, in the jungle, in a state of fatigue or hunger. Daily shave was not his fundamentally important habit, but she allowed him to keep the "human appearance", youth and authority in front of his companions. This motivated him, recalled that the main task is not survival, but a way to prove that a person should be in perfect shape. This is a challenge to the hostile nature, the desire to prove that even in a difficult situation a person must find the willpower to remain human.

If you systematically perform the samethe same actions, they will necessarily become a habit, and you do not have to force yourself. If you regularly stimulate yourself to action, you will notice that difficulties are overcome more easily.

Forced inclusion

A good way to increase motivation is to distributepriorities between the tasks that you want to perform, but least want. Suppose that before you the task is to make a difficult project for work or study, you will meet with a rude and unpleasant person, eventually wash up a bunch of dirty dishes or put things in order in the pantry. As a rule, such lessons bring us little pleasure. However, they are interesting to us from a different angle. What exactly is capable of strengthening the will power in this situation?

how to train willpower

If the case for us is complex and interesting, of courseWe, with joy, begin to implement it. In this case, we are motivated by interest, it is he who prompts us to act. If the matter is of no interest to us, then, accordingly, we should make volitional efforts. The question is asked: "Why then wait until" will "turn on the strength of will under adverse conditions, if everything can be fixed in advance?" Initially, it will be a burden to do things that mean little to us, but this is the main criterion by which one can judge a weak will.


A great way to educate yourself in will power -workout. Sport means not just one or another training, but success. Remember the long-forgotten slogan: "Faster! Higher! Stronger!". Sport - is not only a match with your opponent, it is also a test of your will, aspirations. It does not matter what kind it is: football, tennis, heavy or light athletics - in any case, you make for yourself an installation aimed at achieving a positive result, and in every way try to achieve them. However, success can be prevented by fatigue, extinction of interest, failure. The result can be achieved only by making every effort, including willpower! But imagine what a long-awaited victory will be! Failures and disappointments are better to overcome in the competition than in reality - by trial and error.

willpower and character

Do not postpone for later!

Pay attention to yourself, go in for sports! Start with the morning jogs, they will allow you to fix your achievements and set new goals! And finally: before you make a promise to yourself, think about the question whether this work is feasible for you. Once I said to myself: "I can" - be sincere in front of you, stick to your promise, without breaking the word!

How to develop willpower? Do not postpone for later - take action now!
As a rule, fighting your bad habits- stop smoking, eat less, play sports, we always postpone for later, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Quite often we say to ourselves: "I'll start with tomorrow, etc.". And day by day we ourselves are deceiving ourselves. Many are concerned with the question of how to develop willpower in oneself. Let's look at some of the recommendations that will actually help to cope with this difficult task.

Do what you wish!

No matter how strange this setting seemed, but init can help to overcome apathy and develop strong-willed qualities. Recall the less desirable cases - to get out of the house, to wash the dishes, to take out the garbage. Do not pull until tomorrow, otherwise tomorrow's worries will double. Learn to solve problems with small, and after a few months you will notice positive results.

where to take the power of will
Running will keep yourself not only in goodphysical form and will positively affect your health, well-being, besides it will become a wonderful answer to the question of how to train willpower. For jogging, you need to wake up early, gather, go to the park or the stadium, run about 8 kilometers, and this, believe me, is worth the effort. Whatever sidelong glances and mocking smiles passers-by you have not met in your address, do not pay attention. They understand what tremendous work you are doing.

Think about self-development

Any hobbies: needlework, learning foreign languages, astrology - only contribute to strengthening the willpower. People who succeeded in any business, made a lot of strong-willed efforts. Why do not you start with your favorite business?
You can not? Find someone who will support you.

Self-organization is not an easy task, but willpowerman is developed precisely with its help. If you can not coordinate yourself in the activities, get yourself to run around in the mornings, try to visit the gym or fitness center. Classes will unite like-minded people, they will develop special skills, and this is the first step to success! Find people with strong will, communicate with them, ask for support, and you will be equal to whom!

willpower"Moscow was not built in a day!"- for sure, each of us had to hear the old Russian proverb. In fact, it speaks for itself. Do not exaggerate your abilities, do not build at once grandiose plans. Their failure can tremendously shake the faith in themselves. Achieve the goal consciously and gradually. We hope that in the article we were able to answer the question of how to develop willpower.

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